Jelly Bean Cookies #12daysof Easter crafts and recipes!

jelly bean cookies

I love jelly beans. I could eat them year round for sure. I have to really limit myself during this time of year. So these cookies I’m sharing today are right up my alley. Look at them! Yum! My kids will love these. Make sue you check out my friend’s post and make them for your family. 

Jelly Bean Cookies
This is the start to our 12 days of Easter Ideas! Over the next 12 days I will be sharing some very clever crafts and recipes to celebrate the Easter holiday!

Today’s recipe comes from During the Easter holiday, I am sure that we have a ton of jelly beans in the house. Use them to make some yummy Jelly Bean Cookies to serve at Easter dinner!

Make sure you also check out the other recipe and craft ideas from my blogger friends!

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