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Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental deaths in children from birth to 4 years old.

Even if you already knew that, it’s still such a scary statistic. However, the positive thing is that drowning is preventable.  This means that we can do something about it and help to save lives. Together we can make that statistic change and prevent children from drowning. 


That’s where PediaSwim comes in.

Joy McGinty created the PediaSwim program because her passion is teaching infants and toddlers swim survival. For over 20 years, Joy has been teaching babies to independently swim and float and she also trains others to teach. Anyone who would like to teach babies in their community how to swim can take the baby swimming instructor training course.  This is such an amazing program and I really wish it was around when my kids were babies.  Even though my kids aren’t babies anymore, I may still dive right in and become an instructor. Get it? Dive right in? 😉

teaching babies to swim

You can make a difference in your community. 

I would love to make a difference in my community by teaching babies how to swim and float in situations that can prevent them from drowning. You can also make a difference. I believe that it is so important that babies learn these swimming skills. Every single community needs to have certified instructors to teach PediaSwim classes. This program can save so many lives by preventing tragic drownings from happening. 



Being a PediaSwim Instructor is rewarding in so many ways.

When you become a PediaSwim Instructor you will get to change lives and save lives in your own community. You can set your own schedule and there is unlimited earning potential. This is a career that is rewarding in many different ways. You can get more information on PediaSwim and how to become an instructor by clicking here. You can also like PediaSwim on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  #MomBuzz #BabySwim


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  1. I actually can’t swim myself, so I don’t think I can teach anyone 🙂 I bet teaching babies is fun, though.

  2. This would be really great for infants. My son and DIL had their kids take swimming lessons as an infant because of their pool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always thought this was a shocking statistic! When I lived in FL we had a pool in our backyard and our home owners insurance made us have alarms on all doors and windows because of drowning risks!

  4. This is such a good thing. My kids all know how to swim (we have our own pool) but they took lessons when they were very little just in case.

  5. I think all infants and children should be taught to swim! It’s so important. I was that parent that watched my (and everyone else’s) kids like a hawk when they were swimming even though they could swim like fish.

  6. What a cool idea! I wish my kids would have been taught like this. It would have given them a head start!

  7. I’m hoping to do mommy and me swim classes with my youngest. I learned how to swim when I was six but I think it’s important for kids of all ages to learn.

  8. I used to be a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons and I think this would be an amazing opportunity. I think everyone needs to learn how to swim no matter how young or old!

  9. such startling statistics. *sigh* i learned how to swim when i was five.

    this is a great opportunity to help others in your community though.

  10. The first time I’ve seen infants swimming, I was in awe and my jaw dropped. Would love to be an instructor but I don’t know how to swim. Shame on me. LOL.

  11. Wow – the video is amazing, seeing these little ones out there – we practice with our little guy (grown up now) but never to this extent – wish that PediaSwim had been there!

  12. I had seen something like this mentioned on TV like it was the biggest thing, maybe it was on Ellen. I don’t know how to swim and I wish someone could of taught me back then when it was probably a whole lot easier. I’ll definitely will be doing a program like this for my children.

  13. I’ve always thought it was intriguing and amazing how quickly babies take to the water, and can swim. I wish I was exposed early, it took me into after college to get over my fear.

  14. This is really great and something very important. I really wish I would have taken my kiddos to swimming classes when they were infants.

  15. Those underwater photos are adorable!!! I am not a big fan of water, so I am assuming I wouldn’t make a good coach haha. I do believe everyone should learn to swim though, super important!

  16. Great post! I totally believe in kids learning to swim at a young age. I bet this would be so fun too.

  17. I love swimming and mt kiddos are all fish. We got them lessons as babies and it was the best thing we’ve ever done. Water is so scary, and this is so important!

  18. I’ve always marveled at how the little ones can swim in the water from the get go like that… I was too chicken to try. 😉

  19. That is such a great program. Nothing makes me happier than seeing babies learning to swim. We’ve always been surrounded by pools and water so I think most of the kids in my family were born into swimming.

  20. This is so scary! I have a 7 month old and I will be teaching her how to swim as soon as I can get to a pool this spring!

  21. It’s great to teach babies to swim. I’m always interested to know how they keep their eyes open when they are underwater. It’s amazing ’cause I find it difficult to do that myself.

  22. Sadly, I don’t know how to swim even though I have taken swimming lessons twice when I was a child. I guess it’s something that was never meant for me to learn. However, it’s definitely an important life skill.

  23. It is a scary statistic indeed! I have two little grandsons. The older one will be three in a couple of weeks, and he has already had two rounds of lessons. He does really well and it does give a certain level of comfort knowing that he knows (and has the skills to back up that knowledge) what to do if he falls in the pool.

  24. I have never really considered being a swimming instructor. I have a friend who does that and she is absolutely amazing at it. Now I have a more deeper appreciation of her work because of the many kids she has trained, inadvertently she has taught them how to protect their lives.

  25. Learning to swim is so important – my two older boys learned in Disney World and I am just so grateful. I rely on my husband to teach it since he had lifeguard qualifications.

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