10 Money Saving Tips for Moms

10 saving money tips for Moms

If you’re like me you know that saving money is of upmost importance. With a child going to college next year I need to save every penny I can. That’s caused me to look at my budget and see if there’s any new ways I can save. I came up with 10 Money Saving Tips for Moms!

  • Keep snacks in your purse for when you’re out and about with the kids. This prevents you from having to purchase snacks and keeps hunger at bay keeping you and the kids happy! Check out this yummy no bake granola bar recipe.
  • Keep refillable water bottles full and in the fridge ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Drinks out are pricey and this can keep your thirst at bay and save your wallet too. I was out and forgot mine and grabbed an iced coffee. I still can’t believe I spent $3.50 for a drink. That is insane. 
  • Use soap instead of body wash. Body wash is expensive and the old fashioned soap is the way to go. I use it in the tub and on my sink. I also do foaming hand soap that I refill myself. Check out my article on refilling my foam hand soap for pennies. 
  • Make your own dog treats or homemade dog food. I’ve done this before and it has always been a hit at my house. It’s so much less expensive than the store bought treats and better for them because you know what you put in them. 
  • Make your own beauty products. Try your hand at a coffee scrub, sugar scrub or even your own diy deodorant.  They’re simple to make and have no harsh chemical ingredients. That’s something that’s good for your wallet and the environment.
  • If you’re a coffee drinker make your coffee or your iced coffee at home. I make my coffee ahead of time so it’s already cold in the fridge the next day. Then I make my own creamers to go with it. Simple and inexpensive and way better than what’s at the supermarket. Good for you without chemicals so make your own! 
  • Have craft items on hand to keep the kids busy. You can make your own sidewalk chalk and paint, bubbles, printable coloring sheet fun and so much more. With just making sure you have a few things stocked can take your crafting with your kids from no fun to so much fun!
  • Linedrying your clothes saves you money and is friendly to the environment. I have my towels line drying right now. First time this winter I’ve been able to hang them out. You can see a savings of up to $25/month if you do 20+ loads a month. That’s a nice savings. 
  • Put your crockpot to work! Tonight my hubby and I have a date night planned. So we’re going to make dinner in the crockpot so that we don’t eat out and spend that money. That’s at least a $40 savings for just him and I! It’s crazy how much it costs to eat out now. 

Do you have any tips for us to use on how to save money? I’d love to hear your money saving tips. Leave them in a comment! 




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