Declutter my Closet Challenge

So I started this declutter challenge in January. I did so much better getting rid of stuff and keeping you updated in January. In February I went to LA and it’s just been a whirlwind of things to do. So today I got down and dirty in my closet and I’m getting rid of 33 items and here’s my pic of stuff going out to prove it. 

Declutter my home

You can tell from the picture I even went into the dreaded sock drawer. You know we all have more clothes than we can possibly wear. We tend to wear the same 10% of our closet over and over. So why not get rid of it. I’m sick of having stuff all over my house. My closet included. As I’m typing this I’m thinking of shoes I need to go in and grab and get rid of. I don’t wear them so why keep them! I’m going to call a local church that takes donations for adults and does a clothes closet twice a month to donate too. What have you decluttered this year? Leave me a comment and let me know! Check out my first post on the decluttering challenge and my second post on decluttering your house and life. 

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  1. I have gotten read of lots of paper clutter. We were keeping way too many things. Do I really need the electric bills from last year? No. I do have to go through the sock drawer though – some of them are getting worn enough that the elastic around the tops no longer keeps them up – and I hate that.

  2. That is what I am doing now! Decluttering the closet and my drawers! I know what you mean about the dreaded sock drawer! I had to throw some out yesterday!

  3. I’ve decluttered my closet and sewing room. I donated many clothes and thrown away a lot of paper clutter as well.

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