7 Reasons Why You Overeat

7 reasons we overeat..

7 Reasons Why You Overeat

Do you feel uncomfortable after every meal? You may be overeating. Follow these seven tips to figure out why you’re doing this and how to break the habit.

1. You’re mixing up hunger with thirst. Sometimes when you’re feeling hungry, you’re actually thirsty. If you’ve eaten recently and you don’t think you should be hungry yet, drink water and wait 20 minutes to see if the hunger feeling goes away.

2. Stop skipping breakfast. If you do, you’ll eat twice as much during lunch because you’ll be so hungry from waiting through the morning to eat. You don’t have to force yourself to eat right after you get up, but fit breakfast in at some point before the afternoon rolls around.

3. The next time you snack, turn off the TV. It’s easy to mindlessly snack way past the point of being full if you’re distracted by a show. Pick a time and a place for meals and eat without distractions.

4. When you indulge, don’t use it as an excuse to throw the rest of your healthy diet out the window. It’s normal to want to treat yourself to your favorite foods once in a while! Keep an eye on portions, get rid of leftovers so you don’t eat bad twice in a row, and get right back to your normal diet once you’re finished. Whatever you do, don’t talk yourself into feeling guilty about eating something delicious.

5. Use smaller dishes. If your plates or bowls are large, you may be automatically filling them up, resulting in literally having too much on your plate. When you have a smaller plate, the portion will look larger, too.

6. Snacks aren’t the enemy when it comes to weight loss. Actually, snacking throughout the day can mean that you eat less during your regular meals and that you’re less likely to overeat. Reach for small amounts of healthy foods in between meals and especially after a workout.

7. Yes, it’s fine to snack after a workout, but pace yourself – you’ll feel extra hungry after hitting the gym, but you don’t necessarily need a ton of food to fill you up.

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