Join My Declutter Challenge!


join my declutter challenge

I think my house is clean. Until I go to my friend Kris’s house. Then I realize my house is cluttered. I have made a goal of giving away one item every day all year long. So by the end of the year I will have gotten rid of 365 items. So far I’ve gotten rid of 2 pairs of shoes, 2 toothbrush holders, 4 shampoo/conditioners that I had won and an orange candle. So this week is taken care of! LOL 9 items gone 354 more to go and one step closer to less clutter. Outside of birthdays and Christmas I will not bring any other items in my house without getting rid of something. If I yard sale and get 2 shirts then I need to get rid of 2 shirts. That’s my goal for decluttering! Anyone want to join me in helping clear my home and yours of clutter? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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22 Replies to “Join My Declutter Challenge!”

  1. I seriously need to declutter my house. I tried to do it before xmas, but it didn’t get as clean as I would have liked it.

  2. I will most definitely be joining you in this challenge. My house is starting to fill up with stuff that could definitely be gotten rid of.

  3. 365 items to declutter seems a lot but when you say things like 2 toothbrushes, etc. you probably won’t even notice the things going. I need to declutter my home too so I might try this challenge.

  4. Oh wow I want to do this. I went to a weekend ladies retreat and it was about clutter and letting go of it and for a little while I did get rid of some stuff but eventually forgot about it. I’m going to write myself a note on my desk to get rid of 1 thing daily. I downsized last year so more than ever, I NEED TO DECLUTTER.

  5. My house is so small and it gets smaller with every Christmas as we have three boys! I need to declutter but they somehow manage to prevent me from doing it!

  6. I’m working on decluttering my house too. I don’t know how we accumulated so much stuff!

  7. This is really a great idea! We have so much clutter with the six kids and I would love to be creative like this. Matter of fact, I think I’m all in!

  8. Clutter is the biggest problem in my house. It is one of my new years resolutions to make clutter a thing of the past.

  9. It’s amazing how I found so many things in my house that I really don’t need; a declutter is really needed for me too!

  10. We have gotten rid of a lot of clutter in the past two years. I will check again soon what we need to get rid of this year.

  11. I need to declutter papers. Hubby was off for two weeks. Then he went to work for two days, pulled out his back and is off through the weekend. Then next week is his first vacation week for 2-15, lol! I can’t declutter papers when he’s home. He hates to throw anything away. Soon.

  12. What an awesome idea it is to get rid of 365 items this year. I’m sure I could find at least one item a day to get rid of around my house.

  13. This sounds like a great idea. I need to get rid of some of my children’s toys because they got so many new toys for Christmas and birthdays. I also want to get rid of some of my clothes, but that’s because I plan on getting some new ones soon.

  14. My house is a complete mess! I don’t like having people over because of the clutter! I need to start this challenge too!

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