Get paid while expressing yourself on your quality healthcare, treatment and medicines!

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YourCareMoments understands healthcare. They also understand patients. They have combined these two to find out how your healthcare experience was. If you have a certain medical condition then you can give valuable information on the treatment of that condition. This is done through anonymous surveys that you fill out. They take a few minutes of your day and then compensate you for your time. It’s a win/win in my book. Why not help them find common links in your condition simply by doing a survey. 

All you need to do is register with them and they’ll then send you via email their short  5-10 minute surveys related to your latest healthcare treatment. This is great research that most companies can’t get except through trials. You have valuable information they need and they’re willing to pay you for it! Your surveys can be completed on computers or mobile devices like phones and tablets. They keep up with what you’ll be doing next so they can follow up again and get more information on your diagnosis and treatment. But it’s all done confidentially. So your name, address and email are all safe with them. They don’t release any information except your answers. No personal consumer information goes out with that because they never ask for name and address. They pay within two to three days via paypal. I love how quickly they pay out! So sign up with YourCareMoments and enjoy the pay for answering questions about something you have already done. 


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