More decluttering going on! Let’s do this!

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Here’s the items I’ve gotten rid of so far. I was at 9. I’m now at 30. I got rid of 21 more items. 2 plates with 2 bowls, one cookie plate, 2 sweaters, 3 skirts and 11 shirts. All my items. Wow, I have a lot of stuff. I had already been getting rid of stuff last year too. I have gotten rid of a huge bag of books that I gave to the local library. There’s must have been 30 books in there. We have too much stuff! How does it all get here? Where does it come from? 

how to get rid of my clutter and you can too

One of my bags of clutter gone! It feels so good to get this out of my house. I hope to tell you how much simpler my life has become in the next year.

We got a new kitten. So in the last week we’ve gotten a litter box, cat scratching post and toys for her. So I have to take that into account when I am bringing stuff in stuff has to go out! Did you know that when you get clutter out of your life your finances improve? The reasoning behind is this is that you know what you have and you don’t buy double or triples because you can’t find it. I’m wanting to clear my counters in my kitchen and clear my bathroom cabinets next month. Let’s do this! Let’s let this be the year we gain control of our house back. No more clutter! Who’s wanting to try this with me? 

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