How to create a cheerful bedroom

how to create a cheerful bedroom

Create A Cheerful Bedroom With Yellow

If you want to create a bedroom that’s cheerful and relaxing, try adding shades of yellow to your room. It’s a color that’s found everywhere in nature, and it’s showing up as a popular design trend in homes across the country. From the bold shades seen in sunflowers and sunsets to the pale shades seen in delicate spring flowers, yellow is a color that makes you happy.

How Much Is Too Much?

Since yellow is a strong color that evokes visual stimulation in a room, you need to determine just how much yellow you can live with. Decorate with doses and shades that are comfortable for your lifestyle. Depending on the amount of red or blue in the color, yellow can take on very different shades. Yellows with red undertones are warm and welcoming, so they’re comfortable in large doses, especially in north-facing rooms that feel dark. Yellows with blue undertones have a cooler, calming effect, while pale, buttery yellows function as neutrals that work well just about anywhere. Here are some tips to help you decorate your bedroom with the right shades of yellow.


Your color choices in yellow paint are endless, from vibrant shades of sunny yellows to subtle shades of cream. To create a bedroom that’s tranquil and relaxing, choose a lighter shade of yellow with cool blue undertones. For visual interest, paint an accent wall behind the bed in a deeper shade that compliments the other walls. Create a fun, youthful bedroom for your teenager or small kids with warmer, brighter shades of yellow or create a unique accent wall with horizontal or vertical stripes
your kids will love.


If your style is traditional or transitional, you can bring soft yellow tones into your bedroom with blonde woods like beech, maple, oak and bamboo. Warm wood tones will add soft, subtle touches of yellow that create a cozy, comfortable room. If your bedroom is contemporary or more eclectic, you can get away with stronger doses of yellow. Repaint an old chest in sunflower yellow or a platform bed in a deep, bold shade of yellow lacquer for a dramatic flair.


If yellow is too strong for you in large doses, use it in accents like bedding and draperies. You can find king comforter sets, draperies and throw pillow in various shades of yellow. If you want traditional elegance, choose bedding and draperies in softer shades and subtle patterns and textures. If you want to make a strong design statement, find bedding and draperies in bold shades of yellow with large, interesting floral or geometric patterns that compliment the rest of the room.

Have you redecorated a room recently? What did you do? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

How to create a cheerful bedroom
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How to create a cheerful bedroom
are you tired of your drab old bedroom? Wondering how to make it cheerful and fun? I've got answers for you.
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are you tired of your drab old bedroom? Wondering how to make it cheerful and fun? I've got answers for you.

28 Replies to “How to create a cheerful bedroom”

  1. Those are all great tips. My bedroom needs a complete do-over. It’s been the way it is for way too long.

  2. Thanks for these great tips! I’ve been meaning to redecorate my bedroom, but I haven’t been able to decide what to do or how.

  3. These are such fabulous tips!!! We are in the process of turning my daughters room into a big girl room! I will keep these cheerful tips in mind 😉

  4. Nothing like the right comforter to set the mood of the room and the comfort in bed! Great tips, thanks for them!

  5. I think paint is the reason my bedroom is so dull. We rent and arent aloud to paint, how insane is that?

    1. that’s insane! we allow painting as long as it’s in neutral colors or you paint over it before you move out. So sorry you can’t paint.

  6. I can’t wait to move and we have a bigger room to do something with. We just redid our room as best we could this summer. I have deep purple walls which I completely love, and all the bedding is zebra. It kind of looks like a bordello but I love it.

  7. I would love to brighten up my rooms with some yellow colors. I’ll have to start with some accents around the house to see how it suits me!

  8. Great tips! I’ve always loved the color yellow – it’s just so cheerful! Perfect for a bedroom!

  9. I am totally loving this post. I need to create a space that I can relax and still be chic at the same time. I just bookmarked this page, to keep this as inspiration for when I do my room.

  10. I need a master bedroom makeover. I like the neutral tones with just a small pop of color sort of like in this bedroom. I like my furniture to be practical. I tried a platform bed like that once and it wasn’t all that great.

  11. Yellow is a great accent color. I find that every time I enter a room with a touch of yellow in it, it cheers me up and brightens the space. I love that color.

  12. I don’t think I have any yellow in my bedroom. I think it’s still a cheerful place though, it has lots of floral designs which I love 🙂

  13. you would not go wrong with the shades of yellow. It is effective to make the room cheerful. And also, some colorful paintings and posters would also help make room a cheerful looking one.

  14. I think with spring around the corner – I should add some yellow accents to my office. I need the pick me up 😀

  15. These are awesome tips for creating a cheerful bedroom. Lately I have been thinking about painting my bedroom and I will been using these tips indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I haven’t done any re-decorating in a few years! I keep re-arranging the same stuff! I have always liked yellow – like a soft buttercup! Maybe that will be my spring project. Good ideas here, thanks!

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