17 Fun Winter Inside Activities for Kids

17 Fun Winter Inside Activities for Kids

17 Fun Winter Inside Activities for Kids

Winter is a time for being stuck inside because of the weather. Why not try one of these 17 fun winter activities for kids. 

  1. Use marshmallows to make a snowman scene. Just glue them on construction paper and use a sharpie to make eyes, nose and hats. Easy and fun. Eat while you create.
  2. Water color painting is easy and fun. Grab some water colors at the dollar store and let those imaginations get to work. 
  3. Alphabet or multiplication memory with index cards. Put the alphabet or multiplication problems on index cards and flip cards over to find the match. 
  4. Do a 15 minute tidy session. Set a timer and challenge everyone to clean for 15 minutes. See who gets the most done.
  5. Let your little one wash dishes in the sink. Even if they can’t really wash them they love to pretend they are. 
  6. Set up lego stations and let them work around them for 10 minutes at a time.
  7. Using crayons and sandpaper let the kids do rubbings of different shapes and sizes. Then let them match the shapes they drew to the sandpaper shapes.
  8. Set out all your arts and crafts materials. See what you can create using what’s leftover. Call it a recycled project.
  9. Practice sewing laces. Punch holes in different shapes and let the kids practice sewing with shoelaces.
  10. Using cards let the kids play war (closest to 21 wins), black jack, or solitaire. Teach them a new game.
  11. Get dominoes and let them set them up and knock them down. Then teach them to actually play dominoes.
  12. Get those board games out and dust them off. We love life, clue, yahtzee, uno and apples to apples. Find a new board game to play.
  13. Go through and help them get rid of toys they no longer want. Donate them to your local homeless shelter or ministry.
  14. Print off some fun, free printables no matter the season and let them work them. 
  15. Let them help make a fun favorite family dessert. Whether it be cookies, brownies or cake let them help make it and they will help clean it up! 

When you’re in the middle of a snowstorm it’s no fun to try to figure out fun things to keep the kids occupied. Refer back to this list when you’re in the middle of that storm. What other fun ideas do you do with your kids when you’re stuck inside? 

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