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fitness planner printables

It’s that time of year..the time we put on an extra 5-7 pounds. Why not start before the weight gain and get a handle on it? It’ll make a great way to start the New Year too. New Year New You! why not start the new year off right? Check out these great free fitness printables below. You may have to save them to your computer and then print them out. But they are the best weight tracking, food tracking, water tracking printables on thw web!
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So get your weight loss trackers and fitness printables here!

Workout Printable

workout days

Food Tracker Printable

(Don’t forget an awesome Food Scale to help you portion your meals!)

food tracker

Weekly Meal Planner Printable

( Here’s a great binder to keep all your printables in!)

weekly meal planner

5 Weeks to More Water Printable

(You know you gotta have a great water bottle to help you drink more water!)

5 weeks to more water

Fruits and Veggies Printable

(A great way to get your veggies in is making them into pasta! Yes really, all you need is this!) 

fruits and veggies

Enjoy! Let’s be the change you want to see! Looking for more printables? Have you seen my other weight loss posts:

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Check out my holiday budgeting printable, Christmas printables, and more! 

Do you have any weight loss tips to share? Share them with me in a comment.


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  1. I have included this in my recent blogpost. Food and fitness journals are essential for the success of my clients.