Silver Money Services App helps you find the credit card that fits your families needs. #ad #silver #appreview

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So the Silver Money Services new mobile application is a great way for you to decide what kind of credit card you need. It asks you a series of questions to determine if you need a card that rewards you, gives you cashback, low interest rate or helps you with bad credit. You download it from the google play or the iTunes store straight to your mobile phone. Then you are ready to find your card and apply right on your phone.

Here’s a few pics I took as I went through the process for myself.


Great start right? 🙂 And next: 

silver card test

And the next one wanted to know did I want cashback or airline miles etc. 

silver card questions


So take the test for yourself if you’ve been wondering what kind of cards are out there and what to get. Remember this app is completely free for you to use. It gives you many kinds of cards to choose from. It will not however pay your bills so always charge responsibly. 🙂 Do like me and pay it off every month. Get those rewards that are exactly the way you wanted them. This app shows you how and helps you get there! 

What a simple way to find and get credit. Here’s the links for you to download this free app: 


Google Play


10 Replies to “Silver Money Services App helps you find the credit card that fits your families needs. #ad #silver #appreview”

  1. this is a great app! Thank you so much for sharing this! Credit cards are so hard to sign up for sometimes, but this makes it so easy!

  2. This is an app that someone like me would get a ton of use out of. I don’t have a lot of credit cards but when I do decide to apply for one I always want to make sure that it’s the best fit for me. I prefer credit cards with rewards and cash back. This looks like a very helpful app in sifting through those that would benefit me and finding the ones I would get the most use out of!

  3. Making a smart decision about a credit card can be tough–there are so many out there. We pay off ours each month that we use it, too!

  4. This looks like a great app and so easy to use too. I could never have a credit card as I know I would over spend – I’ve never been a saver! However, my fiance has a credit card and has been looking for one with better interest, etc. so I shall recommend this app to him. I like that it shows you what rewards you can get with cards too.

  5. What a great app. Looks simple and pretty resourceful! I currently have one credit card but this would be great if I plan to venture out to other companies or apply for more cards. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I love using organized apps like this!

  6. Seems like a great app – I rarely use apps in relation to credit cards , finances and what not but maybe I should give this a try. it does seem very interesting and can be beneficial once used effectively!

  7. This is so great. I know there are tons of credit cards out there and too many options can make choosing overwhelming. Right now we don’t need another credit card, but we love our current one – amazon.. since we get most our things from there anyways.. it’s nice to earn points, but i think in the future we might look into ones that give us miles.

  8. It sounds like a great app for anyone looking to either switch or get a new card all together. I have unfortunately sworn off ever getting a credit card again, I am almost done paying off my debt and once that’s done there will be no more. I need to enjoy my hard earned money not spend on my bills lol

  9. This is a great app. However, I have more than enough credit cards already so I need to stay far away from it. I know my limit when it comes to credit cards and adding on another one right now would probably not be ideal.

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