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jabra wireless headphones at best buy

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This is the coolest new gadget on the market for those who enjoy a good workout. I love have to workout and we just got a new gym membership. If I don’t work out I feel bad and my body turns to goo. Bottom line. True story. The Jabra is now on my must have list. It’s called the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headset that also takes your heart rate through your earbud in your ear! It works with your smartphone through bluetooth. Here’s more cool things the Jabra does! 

Take training to the next level and get the ultimate wireless workout with Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless, new earbuds.  Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is an all-in-one training solution that combines an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® Digital sound and real-time voice coaching. It’s US Military grade durability certifications will inspire runners, cyclists, and exercisers of all types to beat their best performance.

With a built-in intelligent app – Jabra Sport Life – exercisers will also get the most out of their Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds, helping them plan, track and evaluate each workout.  It has never been so easy to test fitness levels and aerobic capacity, adjust heart rate zone levels to optimize training, and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned. Compatible with smartphones with BT capabilities.

If you workout and enjoy something that will track your workout, allow you to listen to motivating music and so much more you must check out the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless. What music motivates you to workout harder? Leave me a comment and tell me so I can check it out and use it for my workouts.

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  1. I need to get back on my workout regimen. I was so great at keeping it up, and then all it takes is one break and getting back on a plan is difficult. What I like to workout to most find kind of odd, Pink Floyd. I know it’s not the most energetic of music, but it helps me to focus. But, this does sound like a great product to look into.

  2. This seems like something I’d love.I always do better at working out when I have music. Plus, having something that tells me exactly what I’m doing makes me competitive and want to be myself.

  3. Anything with a ridiculously powerful beat makes me work harder – and motivational songs about not giving up also push me further than I normally would go. Think “Eye of the Tiger”, haha! I love that these are wireless because when I used to run I would always end up tangled or the buds were pulled out of my ears by the weight of the wire rattling about!

  4. Sounds like an innovative product! I think my ears are shaped funny though, because ear buds always hurt. I have never had a pair fit right. But, for most people who work out, this would super helpful.

  5. Anything with a good beat gets me moving!! I use ear buds to clean to get some more calorie burning moves in!! Love the idea of wireless I will have to look into these!

  6. These look like great accessories to have while working out. I don’t go to a gym currently as we just just got a few pieces of equipment in order to set up a home gym, so I can listen to what I want as loudly as I want to! 🙂 When I exercise, I usually prefer to read a magazine or watch TV.

  7. Oh wow…I really need to give this some more attention for sure. My husband and I were just talking about how we need to get my physically active and do more to focus on losing the weight we’ve gained through the years. This gadget would actually help to make that a more enjoyable experience. Since I had never heard of this, I’m glad you were given the chance to tell us about it.

  8. Wow this looks like a fantastic product! I run time to time but use my old ear buds to listen to my music, this looks like a great product, I really love how it kind of curves to your face and stays very close to you. My resolution for 2015 is to become more healthy and to be more active, this would definitely motivate me to do so!

  9. I plan to do a lot more working out this year to get my back strengthened. It would really help to have a wireless workout. Upbeat music always helps me when I’m working out. Toe tapping music.

  10. I’ve read a lot about these headphones recently and they really do sound great. I’d love something like this for going walking – everything always seems easier when music is involved! I love that it has an inbuilt heart rate monitor too.

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