Health screenings are good for your body

Millions of Americans Rely on Health Screenings Every Year

The number of Americans without health insurance decreased substantially following the passing of the Affordable Care Act. This Act requires that citizens have health insurance or pay fees when they file their taxes, and the Act gives those with preexisting conditions the chance to get coverage without paying high fees. As not everyone can afford to pay $80 or more for coverage, some still lack adequate coverage. Whether or not you have insurance, you can still take advantage of some of the free screenings available in this country.

Diabetes Screenings

Experts believe that nearly 30 million people living in the United States have diabetes but that more than seven million of those people do not know it. Diabetes is a medical condition that prevents the body from properly digesting and breaking down sugar. This can make you gain weight, interfere with your vision and make you feel tired and lethargic. If left untreated, diabetes may eventually cause balance problems and circulation problems. Millions of people lost fingers, toes and entire limbs to the disease. A free screening can test your blood sugar and let you know if you need to talk to a doctor.

Hearing Tests

Many people with hearing problems don’t want to admit it. They think that this means they’re getting older, and they don’t want to tell anyone that they have problems with their hearing. Miracle Ear help thousands of people dealing with the same struggles every year. The company offers free hearing tests and screenings that can help you determine if you have a hearing condition. You can use the information given to you to talk to the company or your doctor about the options that exist for you and the devices that can restore your hearing.

High Cholesterol Examinations

High cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart disease in the country. Though you might think that only those who are overweight suffer from high cholesterol, it can affect anyone. Even if you follow a relatively healthy diet, you might still find that your cholesterol levels are higher than you and your doctor might like. Not only do high cholesterol levels increase your risk of heart disease, but those levels can increase your risk for developing other diseases as well. If you think your cholesterol is high, talk with your doctor.

Blood Pressure Screenings

High blood pressure and stress go hand in hand. The more stress that you experience at work and at home, the more your blood pressure will rise. That can lead to a host of different symptoms that will then cause you to feel more stress. Every time that you visit your doctor, the doctor or a nurse will take your blood pressure. If you only see a doctor every few years, you might not realize your blood pressure is high. Free screenings let medical professionals check your blood pressure to determine if you need medication or if you should see a doctor.

The groups and organizations behind free screenings developed those tests as a way to help those without insurance learn more about the conditions they had. You can attend screenings that check your blood pressure, cholesterol and hearing and take a free diabetes test to determine if you should see your doctor.

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