Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

deco mesh wreath tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make a deco mesh wreath. If you’re even the least bit crafty, and by that I mean if you know how to use scissors and chenille stems (pipe cleaners), then you can make one of these wreaths. It’s easy and fun and cheaper to make them than to buy them 9/10 times. Plus, you get to customize the wreath to your tastes and preferences if you DIY, as opposed to buying those pre-made ones whose colors you would not have chosen. Ready to get started? Let’s do it!

deco mesh wreath supplies.

First, you’ll want to gather your supplies.

As you can see, I’m working with mesh ribbon, burlap garland, scissors, my trusty chenille stems, green deco mesh, and a wreath form. I also have embellishments for the wreath, but we’ll worry about that later.

The very first thing I do is set up my wreath form. Typically I do not use ready-made forms like this one, but for the sake of saving time, I did. I like to make sure my chenille stems (or, in this case, my wired evergreen stems that will work just the same) are v-shaped and open so that I’m not fooling with the mesh and the stems at the same time. I also start on my outer row first and work my way to the inner circle.

make a loop.

Gather a loop of mesh in your hand. How big or small is up to you, but personally I like a nice loose “pouf” for my wreaths.

continue making loops.

Hold the loop you made at its base and put it in the “v” of the evergreen stems. Twist it once or twice to hold it in place.

v and loop.

Continue working around the wreath form.

Once you are back to where you started, you will move inward. I do not cut my mesh at this point but you can. I just make a loop from the outer ring to the nearest inner evergreen “v”. Do the same thing for the inner circle. Cut the mesh and hide the tail.

This is your base. Do not fret if it doesn’t look too full. You can puff it up and the ribbon you’re about to add will help make it look fuller. I don’t mess with mine yet. I wait till all my mesh is on.

add in burlap

Turn the wreath form over and tie your ribbon to the wire. I like a good secure knot for this. Now, this is where your creativity will start to come into play. You can carry the ribbon to each “v” that the mesh is in but for this particular wreath, I wanted to take a more “rustic” or “relaxed” approach. I flipped my wreath back to the front and carried the burlap across my mesh puffs to the nearest “v” on the inner ring. I twisted it around the burlap one time to secure. Then I zigzagged from the inner and outer ring, skipping one “v” on each. We’ll get back to those v’s in a minute. For now, get that burlap on!

burlap deco mesh wreath tutorial

Once complete, I took my second ribbon, the red and white plaid, and went back to my poor lonely v’s that I skipped over. I do it this way to make sure each ribbon is visible, but you don’t have to do the same. Again, use whatever way suits your tastes.

Here is the wreath without embellishments. It looks fine the way it is, but we can certainly spruce it up.

ribbon and add ins for the deco mesh wreath tutorial.

I like to lay my floral picks or any other fun add-in I might find out on the wreath before I secure them. If I’m filling the center with an initial or some sort of sign, I attach it first. I took a chenille stem, attached it to the sign, and then attached the whole thing to my inner wreath form frame.

Now I can play with my floral picks. For this country Christmas wreath, I chose red berries and these white things (that’s the technical term- ha!) that reminded me of snowballs! I try not to put anything in the wreath straight up and down. Everything in nature has curvature, and I like it to look natural.

You will probably want to secure your picks to the form to keep them from flying out at the slightest breeze. I do this using my trusty chenille stems, which I cut in half and wrap around the ends of the stems as well as the wire in the back of the wreath. No one will see it after you fluff it up anyways.

back of wreath

Now that all your embellishments are in, you can fluff and pouf and rearrange your wreath mesh, ribbons and other embellishments to your heart’s content. There’s not limit to how much you can add to a wreath like this. Well, except maybe your wallet feels differently about that; those picks can be pricey. Best of all, you have a gorgeous wreath that you made yourself!

Would you rather have my friend Angel make you one of these beautiful wreaths? You can contact her at Her prices start at $30 and up plus shipping if you’re not local to her and I. 🙂 Get your Christmas wreath or a beautiful snowman wreath, winter wreath, valentine’s etc. You get the gyst. You can have a beautiful wreath like this any time of year. Which wreath would you want her to make? Are you crafty? 

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