5 Fun and Frugal Gift Ideas

5 frugal gift ideas

5 Frugal and Fun Gift Ideas

Is your Christmas gift list growing longer with each passing year? I know mine is pretty long and I needed to find a way to give a really nice gift to everyone without going bankrupt in the process. I came up with these 5 frugal gift ideas that are perfect for Christmas or any other gift giving occasion. These gifts are super inexpensive but they are very special.
1. Find a special photo of yourself with your gift recipient. Buy a nice, inexpensive frame to put the photo in. The dollar store usually has an assortment of pretty frames for the lowest prices. It’s a frugal gift but the memories the photo holds are priceless.
2. Choose a favorite cookie, bread or other baked goods recipe. Now, get to baking! When your yummy treats are cool, divide them among the container of your choice and add a red or green bow. Homemade treats make a great but inexpensive gift because of the love that goes into them. 
3. Burn a CD of songs that you know are meaningful to the person. You can buy a bulk package of CD’s for a pretty low price, just be prepared to take the necessary time to come up with a list of songs for each person and download and burn them onto the CDs. The people you make these for will think of you every time they listen to their CD.
4. Get a bunch of mason or jelly jars and make gifts in jars. You can do a mani-pedi set with manicure tools and nail polish or you can layer the ingredients to a cookie or soup recipe. Attach the recipe to the jar with ribbon and you have a frugal gift that people will love. 
5. I love making and giving gift baskets that I create from dollar store items. A decorated mixing bowl with a spatula, a ladle, a box of pancake mix and a bottle of pancake syrup, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow is a cute, inexpensive gift and it will make a delicious breakfast. Think of different themes for each person on your list or just do it assembly line style and make a bunch that are all the same. 
The most important part of a gift is not how expensive it is, it’s how it makes the recipient feel. These 5 frugal gift ideas will make everyone on your list smile without breaking the bank.

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