3 Things you don’t want to forget this holiday season from me and Charmin #IC #tweetfromtheseat #sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I love the holidays. It’s that special time of year when family takes center stage. You begin putting up your tree, decorating the inside and outside of your house (well other people do the outside…um not me). You are taking special care to find that perfect gift you know they’ll just love. You open your home to family and friends. You prepare food for your family. There’s nothing better this time of year. There are some things you don’t want to forget though. 

3 Things you don’t want to forget this holiday season! 

  1. Don’t forget to de-stress and have more fun this holiday season. 
  2. Remember to prepare your to do lists to budget for gifts and food.
  3. Don’t forget the Charmin. Your family and friends need it at your house and will thank you for it. Okay maybe not thank you specifically but the empty rolls will tell you thank you! 

Why Charmin? Charmin is RotoRooter approved. They recommend it because it is clog free. Charmin and RotoRooter have teamed up to remind you that they are clog free and carry a septic safe guarantee that will only come with Charmin. The plumbers recommend it. I mean it’s used by more plumbers than any other brand. That tells you they’re trustworthy!

Are you in charge of decorating, hosting and entertaining this holiday season? If not, are you travelling and not staying at your home? Why not do your friends and family a solid  (who am I a teenager?) favor and bring Charmin to them for their holiday season. Just grab a few rolls at your local store. Do you prefe the Ultra Soft or the Ultra strong? Whichever one it will be appreciated and they’ll thank you for thinking of bringing it. 

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14 Replies to “3 Things you don’t want to forget this holiday season from me and Charmin #IC #tweetfromtheseat #sponsored”

  1. Most of forget how much the toilets get used until when we need to use it and every single time its occupied by a guest especially if you only have one in the house. The last think i would want is hosting a dinner then the toilet clogs up that would suck and I think that would probably be your guests memory than your food.

    1. that’s so true. When we had lost a family member unexpectedly a friend showed up with 24 rolls of tp. It was a huge blessing!

  2. I am so organised for Christmas this year. I have everything done but I did make lists well in advance, it really helped. We always have our bathroom well stocked up and clean for guests, nothing is more important then the bathroom when you have guest calling. Have a great Christmas!

  3. In this holiday season, it is really great to have a relaxing vacation with the family. We like to consider staycationing in a hotel in the city and forget about work and life stresses. It’s good that you reminded about Charmin. It’s a brand we also trust when it comes to freeing clogs.

  4. I totally agree about remembering to destress! The holidays are wonderful, but can be so stressful sometimes! I need to settle down, drink some hot cocoa, and relax!

  5. oh just imagine having your Christmas dinner and the toilet clogs up, so thanks for the Charmin tip. We decided to go on vacation this holiday and not stay home nor do any dinner parties, so I guess the relax part will hopefully be fully there this year.

  6. This Christmas has been crazy, but I am letting go and letting GOD. By doing that I have more peace and really enjoying what this season is really about.

  7. I love Charmin. It’s the only toilet paper my parents ever bought when we were growing up and it’s still the only Tp my mom every buys or will buy. There are just some products that are worth buying and using over all of the other brands and Charmin is one of those.

  8. I definitely think that the Ultra Strong Charmin would come in handy during the holidays. I am one of those people that tends to use toilet paper for more than just routine bathroom hygiene. I wipe counter tops down with it, scoop up hair off the floor, clean up spills, and even dust with it. So…I like a strong toilet tissue the best.

  9. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I love Ultra Soft Charmin. I am going to take some to our Christmas party this year. Would have never thought about doing that.

  10. Not doing anything crazy or busy this year for Christmas, it’s going to be pretty quiet around here.. otherwise, this list is pretty spot on. The holidays are normally really crazy around here.

  11. Well Charmin is really charming rolled! I think we will be needing more of this as the Holiday approaches and more people come here to visit. We will need specially on Christmas day when people flock the house!

  12. During the Holidays, it is very stressful! Specially for us moms who does all the shopping, gift wrapping and preparing for the food! So yes, we all need to de-stress during the Holiday! And going to a spa or a salon is the best way to do it!

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