10 Fun Activities for Kids to do on New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve Activities for kids

10 Fun Activities for kids to do on New Year’s Eve

Even though your kids may not be able to stay awake till midnight, they can still celebrate New Year’s Eve by doing fun activities. Decide what time will be their “midnight” and plan some cool activities for them to do until then. Here are 10 fun activities for kids to do on New Year’s Eve.
1. Make their own party hats and noisemakers. It’s a fun and simple craft for them to do and they will love being able to use them when the clock strikes 12.
2. Have a discussion with your kids about resolutions. Ask them to draw a picture or write about what their New Year’s Resolution will be.
3. Have a family friendly New Year’s Eve party. Serve some snacks and sparkling apple juice. Let your kids choose their favorite party clothes to wear, turn on the music and pretend that your family was invited to a fancy party.
4. Make a time capsule that you will hide and they will open next New Year’s Eve.
5. Look for free New Year’s Eve printables and coloring pages online. Set out crayons and markers and give the kids the stack that you printed.
6. Vasilopita is a New Year’s Cake. A coin is hidden in the cake and the person who gets the slice with the coin in it will have good luck all year. Help your kids bake a New Year’s Cake. Supervise them carefully when it’s time to eat the cake so that no one swallows the coin. Or forget the coin and just say anyone who eats the cake will have good luck all year.
7. Search Pinterest for New Year’s Eve crafts that you can do with your kids. This is a fun way to spend time together while munching on snacks.
8. Help your kids fill balloons with confetti paper. Blow the balloons up or add helium and tie them closed. At “midnight” let the kids pop the balloons and release the confetti.
9. Have a slumber party. Grab some sleeping bags or pitch a tent in the living room. Give the kids flashlights, put on a movie and turn off the lights.
10. Let the kids make a milk and cookie toast to the new year. Have them each share something new they want to learn in the new year.
Your kids can enjoy some fun activities, celebrate the New Year and still be in bed on time with these 10 New Year’s Eve activities for kids. They have a great time and there is still time for the adults to get together before the ball drops, so everyone wins! Happy New Year!

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