Toilet Paper Turkey Craft

toilet paper turkey craft

Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Crafts

My daughter had so much fun with this super simple idea. She loves reusing things we already have around the house. She’s a child after my own heart. So we set out to craft a lot one day. And we got some cute crafts out of it. Here’s what you need to make this crafty turkey. 

toilet paper tube

cut feathers out of different colors construction paper

hot glue


googly eyes

beak cut out of construction paper

ignore the bottle top in the picture (lol that’s a craft for another day)

toilet paper turkey 3

Toilet Paper Turkey Craft Instructions

Write on the 5 or  6 feathers what you are thankful for in your life. Hot glue to toilet tube at the bottom. Make sure what you are thankful for shows. Turn the tube around and add eyes and beak to the front. You can tell she’s practicing her cursive handwriting here. Love 3rd graders! 🙂 Happy Crafting. What will you be crafting to keep the kids busy this Thanksgiving? Need some more ideas? Check out the ones below. 

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  1. What a cute craft to make with my grand kids for Thanksgiving. We will have lots of fun making this cute turkeys

  2. This is adorable! Your daughter did a fantastic job. I will certainly use this at Thanksgiving time at my house this year… the kids will enjoy making these for place settings! Thank you!

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