EatSmart Precision Food Digital Thermometer Review and #giveaway

EatSmart Precision Digital Thermometer

EatSmart Precision Food Thermometer Review and giveaway

My husband is the king of the smoker. He has been asking me for awhile to get a digital thermometer but I could never remember to pick it up. So when EatSmart contacted me asking me if I’d like to review it for you I couldn’t have been happier. Woot! So we came home and began thinking on what he wanted to cook first. We ran to the store and bought a pork butt (which is actually a pork shoulder…shrugs confusedly). He loves to smoke meat and I was excited to see him do this one. He got the smoker ready and prepped the butt by putting salt and pepper on it.  

He smoked it for a few hours. After 2 hours he checked it with the precision digital thermometer EatSmart Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer w/ Backlit Display & InstaRead Technology. You can see that it’s not quite met the 160* mark yet. But before it was over  he got it up there. It was such a delicious smoked pork. Here’s a tip always wrap up the meat and let it rest for 40 minutes in a cooler so that the juices stay in the meat. It makes for a moist delicious dinner! 
eat smart thermometer

This would make an excellent present for the cook in your life. Go ahead and get one and make your life easier. Here’s some more information about the thermometer. WHAT THE PRECISION ELITE THERMOMETER DOES _– The Precision Elite allows users to quickly and easily grill food to just the right temperature. Simply unfold the stainless steel probe, insert into the thickest part of the meat and in 3 seconds or less, the proprietary thermocouple sensor registers an extremely accurate internal food temperature. The ACCURACY of the thermocouple translates into food grilled to perfection. Other innovative features include:
* EatSmart InstaRead Technology–Temperatures in 3 Seconds or Less: Range -40F to 572F.
* 1.5mm folding Step- Down Stainless Steel Probe-Reduces Puncture Hole Size to keep Juices in Meat: FDA APPROVED.
* Hold Button allows internal temperature to be “held” on the display
* Switches temperature setting between Fahrenheit and Celsius
* Innovative Splash Proof Design: Anti- Microbial Nylon Case included
* 2 AAA batteries included; EatSmart 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Available for purchase on at $39.95 with free shipping, the EatSmart Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer w/ Backlit Display & InstaRead Technology is a great tool for all food lovers. Take the guess work out of grilling and roasting, impress family and friends with meals cooked to perfection both indoors and out.

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38 Replies to “EatSmart Precision Food Digital Thermometer Review and #giveaway”

  1. My favorite recipe is BRAISED PORK TACOS. It is a Rachel Ray recipe and these are such delicious tacos.

  2. My husband loves to smoke the pork and also likes to cook it soaked in different hard ciders and such.

  3. I dont have a real “recipe”. I just use boneless thin porkchops and saute with a non-stick spray with onions and fresh garlic

  4. im a rib man, i like mine steam cooked in beer till they are hard to pick up out of the pan then covered in sticky bbq

  5. My favorite recipe for pork is in a slow cooker. I freeze the leftovers and use them for pulled pork sandwiches and tacos.

  6. I like to season pork tenderloin with a bit of garlic powder and Ms. Dash chicken seasoning.

  7. I like to make twice baked stuffed pork chops and fill them with stuffing and cranberries. They taste so good!
    Laurie Emerson

  8. Thank to the advanced technology and its small and elaborate appearance, this digital thermometer gives you fast, accurate readings.

  9. Oh wow! This thermometer I am using now in my kitchen is an Eatsmart Precision Food Thermometer too, and all I can say is, it is a god sent because it’s really great. I love the quality and perfectly made for everybody who loves cooking meat.

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