The best cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving

cranberry sauce ingredients.
My mom, my son and I love cranberry sauce. We always got the jelly kind in a can. Until last year, when I made it from scratch for the first time. It is so unbelievably simple and so very tasty that you will never go back to that cranberry jelly in a can. Check out how simple this is to make and make it for yourself. 

cranberry sauce cooking.

I had to taste test it out today after I cooked it. It’s so good. The perfect combination of sweet and sour. Is cranberry relish or cranberry jelly on your list of must haves for Thanksgiving?

the best cranberry sauce

Now print out the recipe and make it for yourself. I bet you will enjoy this version so much more than the kind in a can.

Cranberry Relish Recipe
Serves 5
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Prep Time
6 min
Cook Time
13 min
Total Time
19 min
Prep Time
6 min
Cook Time
13 min
Total Time
19 min
  1. bag of cranberries 12 oz
  2. 1 c sugar
  3. 2 tangerines
  1. pour sugar into medium sized pot, add washed cranberries. Using the rind grate it into the cranberry sugar mixture. I used most of the rind on 2 tangerines. Try not to let it get into the white if you can. It's more bitter at the white of the rind. Juice the tangerines into the cranberry mixture. Turn on medium heat for 10-12 minutes until you hear the cranberries begin to pop. Let cool, jar and eat the next day. If you can't wait til the next day put in fridge for 2 hours.
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  1. I have to try this, it sounds so simple and good! Plus we have a meyer lemon tree, I bet that rind would be perfect for this.

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