Who do you go to when you need a lawyer you can trust?

When You Need a Lawyer that You Can Trust

When you are facing legal troubles, it can be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. You don’t know which way to turn, only that you need help to navigate the legal system. When you need to find your way to a solution, you can count on an attorney like Louis J. Goodman. As the former Alameda Deputy District Attorney, Louis Goodman has the experience and reputation that can carry you through difficult times. When you need a good criminal lawyer, someone who can help you to withstand the storm, click here.

It’s Time for an Expert

There are a sea of attorneys out there, but you need one that has the skill and the knowledge to give you excellent counsel. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Goodman knows exactly what it takes when it comes to criminal justice. Regardless of the charges that have been pressed against you, from DUI to domestic abuse, you need someone who truly understands the legal process, your rights, and can represent your best interests.

Guidance from the Beginning to the End

You need a lawyer who will take on your case and lead you every step of the way. As you need to attend preliminary hearings, enter a period of negotiation, consider a plea, or head into the court room, you can have confidence that someone is on your side, there to protect you and your rights. Louis Goodman will be there for you to explain the process, answer your questions, and fight for you to get the best possible outcome in the end.

Getting Started is Free
Your first consultation is free. You will have nothing to lose when you set up a meeting with Louis J. Goodman. Explain your situation and find out all of the details of hiring a lawyer like Mr. Goodman to represent you. You will not be obligated to take on any services, but a fee schedule will be provided to help you make an informed decision. Regardless of what you do, remember that getting sound legal advice is one of the most important decisions you can make when faced with criminal charges. You want someone to represent you, someone with a solid background in criminal law, someone who will make sure you are treated fairly when you must deal with the system.

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  1. Thankfully, I haven’t need a lawyer, and I hope I never do! If I ever do need a lawyer, I know one who I trust implicitly.

  2. Debbie L. says:

    We are lucky we have a local lawyer that we have had for years. I think it is so important for everyone to have a lawyer – they are like a doctors. When you need one you need one fast. Better to be prepared by selecting a lawyer when you do not need one.

  3. We have a family lawyer who’s been with us for ages. His dad served my grandparents and so it was only fitting that when his son took over the practice the family stayed with him.

  4. Great advice. Sad that some lawyers are not there for clients.

  5. ascendingbutterfly says:

    Always great to hear first hand recommendations on a good lawyer as they are definitely hard to find! Thanks for sharing.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  6. jess3dd says:

    I think it’s really difficult to find very reliable lawyers these days – seems they are so money hungry etc… But good to know that they do exist!

  7. Dawn McAlexander Crawford says:

    I have never needed a lawyer thankfully. I have a family member who is a lawyer that I know I can trust! Thanks for sharing the great post!

  8. Billie Rowell says:

    I’m glad the first consultation is free, to see if it’s a good match.

  9. Krystal's Kitschkrystal says:

    That is good that the consultation is available to see if you need a lawyer. I haven’t been in this situation luckily!

  10. Pauline Cabrera says:

    I’m happy that you don’t charge anything for the consultation. Not that I’m wishing to use your legal services but you’re great.

  11. It is great that they have free consultation and it is nice to have an option to go to if you need a lawyer.

  12. If you don’t have the right attorney, it can cost you a case, even if you were 100% in the right…if the other person’s attorney was better. Sad, but true. And if you don’t expect it, you’re blindsided by the injustice. Best to research and find that right lawyer before you step in the courtroom. Leaving it to chance might cost more than you can afford, and not just financially.

  13. yumeating says:

    Trying to find a lawyer can be stressful. Sometimes you just don’t want to open the phonebook and pick out a name. I always asked friends or family on who to use.