7 Natural Cold Remedies

7 natural cold remedies

7 Natural Cold Remedies

Cold season is in full effect and it seems like everyone has the sniffles. When you catch a cold, what do you reach for when you need some relief? If you don’t feel comfortable taking medication, try some of these 7 natural cold remedies and feel better sooner. 

  1. Vitamin C helps the immune system. When you feel a cold coming on, take 500mg of Vitamin C every couple of hours for 24 hours.
  2. Saline solution, either store bought or homemade can help clear clogged noses and sinuses.
  3. Suck on Zinc lozenges to reduce the duration of your cold by a few days.
  4. Warm green tea is soothing and will help you feel better.
  5. Add honey and lemon to hot water or tea. Honey has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties and the lemon has Vitamin C.
  6. Soup can help soothe bronchial tubes and clear a runny nose. It’s also comforting when you aren’t feeling well.
  7. Eat lots of fresh garlic or take a garlic supplement for cold relief.

There are many natural remedies for the common cold to choose from, but I have found that these 7 remedies are very effective. Try these 7 natural ways to treat a cold and let us know which is your new go-to cold remedy.


25 Replies to “7 Natural Cold Remedies”

  1. We take lots of Vitamin C to try to prevent colds. After the winter I had last year, I am pretty sure it did nothing to help me, though 🙁

  2. We use lots of saline with the kids – I don’t like to give them medicine. I’ll also try to boost their vitamin c!

  3. I am big on Vit C and Zinc during the winter months. I also use essential oils. I hate getting sick!

  4. My friends always raves about zinc lozenges. I am going to buy some and keep them in the house for the upcoming cold season.

  5. My daughter is currently battling a cold, and has been for a few weeks now. We also prefer natural remedies, so she has been avoiding all medicines aside from cough drops. I will give her these tips! Thanks!

  6. We have the saline solution and use it regularly. I learned that little trick when I was young and dealing with sinus issues all of the time, and I’m so glad we have it now that my kids struggle with those issues too!

  7. My go to is the Vitamin C on a daily basis. When I feel like I’m going to get sick, I’ll do the garlic to punch up my immune system. I feel like I might need to do that now. The season change is getting to me.

  8. Vitamin C is a MUST around my household! With a toddler in daycare, I can never be too careful.

  9. What great tips! My son has already gotten his first cold of the season and it has not been fun! Thanks for sharing I’ve been looking for ways to sooth him!

  10. We swear by green tea, honey, zinc, and lots of Vitamin C here! The bets part is they work!

  11. We don’t take meds and do everything naturally. These tips are all on our list. Honey is the best for colds and allergies too. Garlic is a miracle worker, that’s for sure!

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