My mom’s building a house!

Mom’s building a house.

I’m so excited for her. She’s had her property evaluated. They are in the process of drafting plans. It’s all moving quite fast. The construction-use loan she will obtain will help her get the house of her dreams. She’s building it with a full garage basement. Then the upstairs will have a master suite on one side and two more bedrooms  on the other side. The Foam Factory is what she plans on using to insulate her home. She’s going to try to be as green as possible with her build. I’m so very excited for her. As we’ve never built a house and she’s not either this is an uber fun time for her. Lucky her the home will be on 10 acres and close to the city but yet feel like she’s out in the country. I want her to have chickens and a pool, not necessarily in that order.  Have you ever built a house before? Do you have any advice for her? 

Would you rather build a house or live in a paid for house?

I’m at a point in my life I want to live in a paid for house. That’s my dream. I don’t need big and showy I just need paid for. I don’t want me or my husband to be tied to a job that we have no choice but to go to work every single day. I want the freedom that comes from owning a home outright. I’d say I’m at least ten years away from that goal. Unless we do something drastic like sell this house. The land my mom’s house sits on has a really nice modular home on it. We actually have to move it. I have told her over and over it’s too bad that we have to move it. I’d love to sell my house and take my profits to pay off that and own a house free and clear. Do you dream of building a dream house? Or paying off the one you live in and having no house payment? What would you do? 

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