How to get the home of your dreams

Get the Home of Your Dreams With Foam Décor!

Few of us would say we wouldn’t want to live in a beautiful, elegant home, with tasteful and attractive décor. But at the same time, few of us would say we could afford the price tag on many of these long-standing traditional trappings of elegance.

Historically, the finest home adornments were created from the finest materials: hardwoods, stone, and glass, which not only meant the materials themselves were expensive, the labor cost to create and install them was also prohibitive. As such, many people only dream of custom crown molding, or unique balustrades adorning their exterior balconies.

However, recent advances in technology have pushed change in many areas, and home décor is not one that was left behind. What was once expensive, time-consuming, and reserved for only showcase-style homes is now accessible to nearly anyone! Blending computer-programmable machinery with the versatility of foam products has brought about a sea change in the world of home architecture.

Possibly the most popular product now made from foam is crown molding. Available in quickly-cut patterns, kits can be customized to your space, angles are easily pre-cut, and when using open-cell foam, mistakes are even hidden by the material’s ability to compress against itself. Mounting is easily done at home as well, using basic tutorials provided manufacturers.

For exterior and non-weight-bearing décor, EPS foam is able to be carved into decorative balustrades, medallions, and exterior-style molding as well. Able to be sealed and painted, these materials can look like virtually anything, from the most expensive hardwoods, to timeless and elegant stone.

With these materials, the home you’ve always dreamed of is now completely within reach!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of custom foam products. With a fleet of computer-controlled machinery, custom-cut home, architectural, or construction-use products are just an idea away!

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