How to be a better neighbor in honor of Good Neighbor Day!


How to be a better neighbor

Fall is almost here, and with it comes cooler weather, warmer food, and even some life changes that can warm the heart. For example, September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. If you have been looking for ways to be a better neighbor, why not take this opportunity to do so. These tips can get you started.

Get to know your neighbors. Many people don’t know much about the people that live next door, but you can get to know your neighbors by simply taking the time out to talk to them. Introduce yourself and your family, invite the neighbors over, or simply talk to them when you see them outside.

To help new people in the neighborhood, organize a neighborhood meet and greet so that everyone can become acquainted with the new family. If there are no new neighbors, you can still organize a monthly neighborhood BBQ or get-together to keep up-to-date with all of your neighbors.

Help your neighbors when they need it, and don’t wait to be asked. If you see Mrs. Smith next door needs help bringing her trash can away from the road, do it for her. If you know that Jill form down the street has a child that goes to school with your children, offer to drive him or her to school when you take your kids to give her a break. You never know when you may need help and your neighbors will be willing to pitch in if you’ve been a good neighbor to them in the past.

Do something as a neighborhood. If you have other moms on the block, organize a mom meet up and go walking. If you have other dads on the block, organize a daddy play date. Do something that gets the Be nice. You can bake cookies for the elderly in your neighborhood, or you can simply wave good morning to the neighbor across the street each day. A simple, friendly gesture is sometimes all it takes for your neighbors to like you.

Be courteous to your neighbors. If you are having a arty and there will be noise, send out a flier to let them all know what the party is and why there will be nose, and when they can expect the noise to start and end. Don’t block others drives with your car. Keep your lawn nice and neat. In other words, be the kind of neighbor you wish people were to you.

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