5 ways to spoil a working mom (whether it’s out of the house or at home)

5 ways to spoil a working mom

5 ways to spoil a working mom

All moms are working moms. Let’s think of some fun ways to spoil the working mom. Whether she works at home or outside the home we’re all working moms aren’t we? Celebrating a working parent is a wonderful thing to do at anytime, but so many people reserve it for Mother’s Day or Father’ Day. In September, however, there is a day (the 16th of the month, to be precise) set aside for celebrating the working parent. Here are some great ways to spoil the working mom in your life.

Give her a day off

This doesn’t mean you let her sleep in. This means you load up the kids, leave mom a note saying you left for the day, and she is to do whatever she wants- as long as it doesn’t involve anything for the family or work. She is to go to a spa, read a book, or just veg out on her favorite television show all day and you are to let her.

Clean the house

This one is simple, but it can be a great treat for a mom. Clean the house for her! Send her to the store for some retail therapy with a gift card and some cash for Starbucks and get to cleaning. Get the whole family to pitch in and it will be done in no time. Then, maybe you can do the next item that I listed below, too.

Cook her a fancy meal

Cook her dinner and make it something she loves. Better yet- take her out to dinner so there is no clean up to have to worry with later. Want to get even grander? Try making freezer meals that last a full week so mom doesn’t have to cook for a full seven days- heaven for any working mother!

Give her a spa day

If you can’t afford to buy her a day out of the house and at the spa, give her a spa day at home, complete with a massage and no nagging or whining. Mom needs to relax, not deal with baby A shoving baby B. Spa days are peaceful and re-energizing, so make an at home spa the same!

Tell her you appreciate her

Many parents feel under appreciated, so sometimes just telling them is enough. How about you kick it up a notch, though? Show mom how much she is appreciated by doing a few of the things on this list and then making her a sweet card to go along with them. This will make her feel like a queen, and will show her that her efforts don’t go unseen.

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