Ways to save money on a Labor Day Vacation

ways to save on a labor day vacation

Ways to save money on a Labor Day vacation 

Labor Day weekend is upon us! If you are just now realizing you have an extended weekend and you want to make the most of it- and your funds- check out these tips to save money on a Labor Day vacation that will have you refreshed when you return to work. 

Ways to save money on a Labor Day Vacation Get coupons

Right now, you can find Labor Day weekend sales and coupons on just about anything, Groceries for the lake can be really cheap. Want to take a road trip? There are car rental coupons out there. Need a last minute flight? There are discounts all over the place for those, too. Take a look at the coupons in the local papers, online, and even at certain dealers’ sites. 

Last minute travel deals

Speaking of flights, other than online discount codes and coupons in the mail, you can get some pretty cheap and hot packages fro travel right now. Hotels and airlines are trying to cash in on the extended weekend and entice travelers in, so check out sites like Hotwire and Travelocity to see what deals you can find for a last minute getaway. 

Road trip it

If you still think flights are too expensive, get your friends and family together and take a road trip. You don’t have to go far, and carpooling and sharing a hotel can save you all some money. Take along those grocery coupons and cook your own food once you get to your destination to save even more cash. 

Get an app 

If you do decide to road trip or stay at a hotel, or even if you decide to check out some coupon deals, get apps that will help you find the most coupons, get the best deals on hotel rooms, and can even show you where to fuel up for the cheapest no matter where you are. Apps on your phone can be taken with you anywhere to assist in saving money if you travel five miles down the road, or halfway across the country. 

Check in on Monday 

If you can swap your schedule, plan to take your off days next week and check in on Monday. Most people are checking out on that day, so rooms get discounted. In fact, on Labor Day, many places offer fantastic deals to entice patrons. Check out which ones suit you and do your vacation during the week, not over the weekend.

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