Preschool apps that teach reading, writing, math and problem solving skills

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This is my 100% honest review of the Preschool Apps listed below. Thank you to Kids Academy for sponsoring this learning apps conversation. 

Kids love to play games. They love to be on their parents iPhone, iPad or other tablets. Why not learn at the same time as they play? It even tracks their progress. With great graphics and fun learning games why not download the free version and give it a shot. 

Learn to read, write, and kid puzzles has simple tracing letters, mazes, and learning rhyming words. My kids are a touch older then this app but as a teacher there is real value here. Getting them to use their small motor skills, hearing the sounds, learning what rhyming is and so much more. Well worth giving this app a shot for your preschool age child. This can help them as they get ready for school. 

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Preschool Kindergarten Learning app has the child do tracing numbers, says the letter sounds and shows a picture of a word beginning with that letter, tracing the letter and writing the letter themself. There are other games there and a parent area but you would need to go ahead and get the all access pass. 

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Kids Puzzles Preschool Math this app teaches one to one number correspondence, reading number symbols and tracing the numbers. My teaching degree comes in here and says yes there is value in your preschool learning this stuff. If they’re going to be on your phone or tablet anyway why not let it be a learning game?


Here’s where you can download the free version and then if you’d like you can pay for the all access version. 


29 Replies to “Preschool apps that teach reading, writing, math and problem solving skills”

  1. These are great apps. Any time we can give our kids a head start or just a healthy boost to their learning, it’s a plus. Love these.

  2. Those sound like some great apps. I would have used them back when my boys were little for sure.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these apps with us. I may download one or two of them for my daughter who started preschool last week!

  4. These are great apps. It’s always good to give your kids a head start when it comes to learning.

  5. Well, it does sound like great preschool apps to break the kiddos in and get ’em ready for school. I think when the learning is on technology, the kids instantly think it’s cooler.

  6. love the educational apps. I have so many of them on my tablet for my kids and a few on my phone!

  7. Those look like so much fun for kids to learn with! I wish they had more games like this when my kids were little.

  8. i think they have one of these on the smart table at our preschool !! the one with the chicken looks really familiar. 🙂

  9. There are so many apps out there to teach various skills. I love how educational things are these days with technology, but they are also engaging and fun! I used to love doing apps like this with my kids when they were a bit younger, we would do them together!

  10. As more and more studies come in about the use of electronics it really makes me wonder if using apps and computers for education really is worth it. I suppose if a parent can really monitor their time on them that is a plus.

  11. I love that they’re free so you can try them and get a feel for whether you’d like the full version. Each of them looks like it has worthwhile content!

  12. Educational apps are great! The many uses we have with our phones and tablets, it’s nice to know these exist!

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