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Kroger Low Prices

Kroger compensated me with a gift card for my time attending their event and sponsored this conversation. 

Kroger invited me to this fun event with other bloggers to let us in on what they are doing in my area of the country. They are lowering prices and keeping them low for 8-12 weeks on things we buy most. For instance, lettuce is now .99 for red, green leaf or iceburg. Any lettuce you want is at a rock bottom value price for you for the next few weeks. I am always buying lettuce so this is a great buy for my family. 

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Some other items on sale in the store are roma tomatoes are .99/lb used to be 1.29/lb. Peaches are .99/lb (I love peaches)! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this seems to be a significant price drop not just pennies. They are lowering prices on items we buy most. They believe it’s an investment in the customer. They are letting us know in each store that they are buying local. In the produce department you will see the names of family farms listed at the top of the wall. These are local family farms that are selling their stock to Krogers. They want you to know they believe that we should be shopping local at Krogers by shopping these farms. They’ve listed an assortment of items that appeal to a large quantity of people. For instance their coffee is now 5.99 in the huge can. Check out the sign below! 

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That coffee used to be $8.29! That’s a huge savings. We’ve used that coffee in that can and we like it. Thank you Kroger for keeping me in the know on your low prices and the other great recipes and more. Did you know that Kroger gives back? They have alloted 2.5 million dollars to give to non profit organizations such as schools.  Here’s some ins and outs of their program. 

We are on way to being signed up for the new Kroger program. So here’s what you tell your class
1. Go to
2. Click Sign In button if you already have a Kroger plus card that you have registered or Click the register button if you have a Kroger plus card but haven’t registered it online. 
****If you do not have a Kroger plus card, go to Customer Service at Kroger and pick one up–They’re Free!
3. Enter your email and password
4. Near the top of the page click Community Rewards tab
5. Click Enroll Now
6. To find your TFAA  (oops that’s my school!)  input your school, then class, search by the first 3 letters of the attached list of teachers.
7. Click on the correct classroom
8. Enroll

Be sure to have your friends and family enroll their cards as well.  You will begin earning toward our amounts starting 9/1/14. At this time, I’m not sure how we look up how much we have spent but will find out when the time is needed.

You will no longer be able to load your Kroger gift cards after 8/30/14.

Thank you Kroger for lowering prices where it matters and giving back to our schools! You rock! What’s your favorite kroger item?



27 Replies to “Kroger New Low Prices #everyday #krogernewlowprices”

  1. I love shopping at Kroger – I wish we had them in Wisconsin. When I visit family in Michigan I get to check out Kroeger’s.

  2. I remember shopping at Kroger’s when we were traveling through the South. There aren’t any here in Montana. Sounds like you’ll be getting some great savings!

  3. I didn’t know that they have a new classroom program. The drop in prices, paired with coupons, could really shave off some fluff from my grocery budget!

  4. I used to shop at Kroger all the time when I lived in Virginia. They really do have some great prices.

  5. I love the Kroger bakery department, my local one is so friendly and always willing to accommodate my crazy special requests. It’s awesome they are now giving back to school even more!

  6. I’ve had Kroger in other areas I lived and liked it a lot. Now here in Baltimore, I’m not sure where the closest one is, but it isn’t near!

  7. I don’t think I have ever shopped at Kroger while visiting the States. Sounds like a great company though. Those are fantastic deals!

  8. We don’t have a Kroger by us (closest one is 50+ miles away) but I am jealous of all the great prices they have!

  9. I wish we had a Kroger here in Fl. It sounds like they have great deals. It is also wonderful to hear that they are help out the school system in your area.

  10. There are no Kroger markets where I live. However, there are some where my daughter goes to school so I will tell her to check this out.

  11. I wish we had a Kroger store here. The prices are fantastic. I would love to be part of the rewards program.

  12. I love shopping at Kroger! Unfortunately, I am an hour away and don’t get to visit often as I would like. For those close enough, they really do have some great savings!

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