What I know

what i've learned living this life

What I know


I’m 44 years old and have learned some words of wisdom and words to live by. Here’s what I know so far in this life.

1. I know that pets make you happy and give you someone to talk, love on and take care of. They take care of you too.

2. I know that fair weather friends aren’t there for the right reasons. Know who has your back and move on and let go of the ones who bring nothing but drama to your life.

3. A mature relationship is worth its weight in gold.

4. You will go through a season when you feel like you have no friends. The season doesn’t last. Stick with it and keep on going your new friends are waiting for you to reach out to them. They are better then the ones that left when the going got tough.

5. Life is fragile and precious. Hug and say I love you often. One day you will blink and they will be gone.

6. Be happy no matter how much money you make. It’s a choice. Choose happiness when you can. (I do suffer from depression so I get it’s not always a choice. Just don’t choose that money is what brings you down).

7. You can survive without the latest greatest granite countertops and tiled flooring. It’s not important and it’s just cosmetic. Be happy with a roof over your head and food in your belly.

8. Laughter in your house really is the best medicine. Play board games, eat junk food and laugh with your friends or your children. You won’t ever regret laughing.

9. Work is what you do it’s not who you are. You are so much more than your job. Know that!

10. Exercise makes your heart healthy. Exercise with friends makes your heart happy. Do both.

Life is what you make of it. Learn your lessons and move on with what makes you happy and what’s best for your family. What have you learned as you go through this life?

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  1. I love all ten! Of course, number 1 the most. I have had people be upset that I would volunteer so much time, effort & energy in a non profit rescue organization rather than a non profit for women or children, etc. Most people do not understand that as a volunteer you not only make a difference in that animal’s life, you are positively impacting the people’s life that adopt the animal. I have met people that their doctors have told them to adopt a pet or they didn’t know how much longer they would be alive. This is especially true for older people. I have seen pets make a huge difference in autistic children’s lives as well. Children that didn’t speak, start talking after having a pet in their lives. Children that were very antisocial with their family, start letting family members in their rooms. When number 4 happens, you have someone (your pet) at home that loves you & makes it easier to make it through that rough patch in life.

  2. People who get upset at who you choose to volunteer with need to get a life check. Yeesh. I believe that people who have pets live longer. Working at home I talk to my pets alot…I maybe should have that checked. haha. They give you purpose and something to love! Pets make a difference!

    1. Actually, talking to your pets teaches them words without training sessions. I’ve had around 30 dogs in my home over the last 3 years and it is amazing how many words they can learn just by talking to them and by watching the other pets in the house. So if anyone ever questions you about talking to your pets, you can tell them it a training session. haha.

      1. My lab knows so many words it’s unreal. He also knows how to spell because we then went to spelling around him. The little dog isn’t so bright. Love my coworkers (Snickers and Snowball).

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