Get your life back with Depend #ad #underwareness #dropyourpants

 Many thanks to Depend for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging people to #dropyourpants for #underwareness.

There’s a stigma attached to a problem that Depend has offered a solution too. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed and yet we do. In the past I have had bladder control problems. It’s not easy to deal with nor is it any fun to have. You are constantly running to the bathroom and looking for the bathroom when you are out and about. It started when I was about 38. It was incredibly embarrassing. There were ways to cope. Like if you sneezed, coughed or laughed you have to cross your legs.  What I should have done was just buy myself some Depend undergarment protection. It would have made me less embarrassed and more confident. It’s silly that I wouldn’t buy them. But I didn’t. What a powerful stigma. Don’t let yourself be judged or feel judged (even when you’re not!).  Have you ever tried @Depend? You won’t even know it’s there. #underwareness

Did you know that @Depend will donate $1, up to $3 million, over the next three years to the Simon Foundation for Continence and United Way for each person who participates in the #dropyourpants for #underwareness movement. Great way to give back! 

So What do you wear for bladder leakage

Depend provides a variety of discreet products that help people regain their freedom and get their lives back, including:

Depend Real Fit for Men and Silhouette for Women briefs: Look, fit and feel like real underwear and feature a cloth-like fabric for a sleek, ultra-smooth fit.

Depend Underwear with Fit-Flex protection: Features more Lycra stands for a smooth and comfortable close-to-the-body fit.

Both are great options for you when you experience bladder leaks. I love that Depend allowed us all to #dropyourpants and raise their #underwareness! 

Believe it or not I finally figured out why I was having it. It was caused by something I was drinking. Diet sodas. Yes I said diet sodas. I quit drinking them and my bladder control problems have dried up!  Wean yourself off the diet soda and see if it helps you too!  

36 Replies to “Get your life back with Depend #ad #underwareness #dropyourpants”

  1. I’m in my twenties and I’ve experienced light bladder leakage, people really need to open a dialogue and take the stigma out of it! I usually use carefree pads as needed.

  2. My mother had MS, which affected her bladder control. People should not be ashamed of issues that happen to so many.

  3. My father in law had surgery and had a lot of trouble making it to the restroom in time. Using Depend was a way to keep his dignity!

  4. Growing up with kidney problems I can’t even begin to explain how not having to worry about a possible accident in the night as a kid helped because of depends!

  5. This is part of life, it shouldn’t be an embarrassing topic. However, I know that is easier said than done. Thanks for the diet soda tip, I wasn’t award of that. Shall pass this on to my family. 🙂

  6. Thankfully, I don’t need Depends. It’s not shameful, I’m just glad I don’t have the problem. A few relatives of mine have needed undergarments like these in the past, and Depends seemed to work the best.

  7. I have a congenital brain disorder that could lead to my having bladder problems so this is always on my mind. It’s good to know that there are good options to help

  8. I love that there is a good option for people who suffer from this. I haven’t heard of diet soda causing this but there’s so much bad stuff in it, I can totally believe it.

  9. My dad before he died totally depended on Depends and it was the only brand he wore. Totally saved the mattress.

  10. Ever since having the twins last year…I have to wear liners. Not the funnest but something I have to accept…

  11. There is nothing good that comes from diet soda. Trying to get off of them also. Almost there. My mom uses depends. Just a necessary thing as you age.

  12. Bladder leakage is an increasingly common problem as people age. It is good that the stigma attached to it is lessening.

  13. I love the hashtag of this campaign. While I haven’t suffered from LBL, I know it’s a common thing!

  14. Thankfully I do not have any problems with bladder leakage yet, but I can’t say it will be the same in one year…. two or ten! I like they are giving back, really makes a difference in my book.

  15. I’m so thankful I don’t need these yet. But it’s great to know there are products available if I ever do.

  16. Having a couple kids will can make your bladder so weak. I don’t need this yet but glad to hear that are donating money to the foundation.

  17. I didnt know how common it was for people to have bladder issues outside of old age. I love the camapaign #dropyourpants lol

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