Chex mix sweet and salty goodness #ChexMixPopped, #PlatefullCoOp and #spon

The information and prize pack  that I received have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

chex fun

If there’s one thing that my family loves to do it’s have movie and game night each week. We have a great snack and watch the latest flick or play a rousing game of clue. It’s truly a great bonding time for my family. When we did it this last week we had the pleasure of trying out Chex mix sweet and salty. If there’s one snack I have a weakness for it’s sweet and salty.  A lot of times if I’ve eaten a sweet item I will then go in search of a salty item. Chex knocked it out of the snacking arena with this one. Now I can grab one snack and get both. Swoon.

My family and I are in love! They also sent us the white cheddar chex mix. My kids loved it too. It will be their new addition to their lunch boxes this school year. Thanks Chex for making snacks my family enjoys. Check out our sponsor and follow them below to learn more. 

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What’s your favorite chex flavor?


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