Our Summer Schedule How a wahm does it!

 our summer schedule

We have to have a schedule to make it through our week. I have work to get done and food to prepare. When the kids are home there is so much chaos going on all the time. So what’s a wahm (work at home mom) to do? I make a schedule to keep us on the right track. We don’t get up at any certain time but we do have blocks of time devoted to certain things. The kids have their own work to do also. In the picture above they were having a lemonade stand to raise money for something they wanted. if they earn it they will appreciate it. I digress. This is how our day rolls around this crazy house. Here’s how our schedule looks. 


9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Chores (clean rooms, dishes, mop floors, clean bathrooms, start laundry) These are the chores that they do.

10:00 they get an hour for electronics (ipad, xbox, etc)


11:00 Lunch and reading time. After lunch reading lasts for one hour.


12:20 exercise we tend to do Xbox just dance (and yes I do it with them) or Wii sports, Kinect adventures or bowling, etc.  If it’s nice out we go to the lake and go swimming or walk to the park. And they still go to gymnastics and golf so that there’s some learning going on during the summer. 

1:20 they are allowed back on electronics for an hour of tv viewing.

2:20 we work in the garden for 30 minutes getting the weeds out.

3:20 I start thinking about dinner and they are booted outside to find friends and play. I work while they are outside, on games or on electronics.


4:20 Make you something they get crafty now. Whether its coloring, making a duct tape wallet like above, making videos, singing or playing their instrument.  Yesterday we made a new wreath and the kids worked together to make chocolate chip cookies. 

5:20 I’m knee-deep in dinner and they are helping. The one who does dishes starts them as soon as dinner’s done.

6:20 thank goodness dad’s home. We tend to eat and spend the night watching some tv together. We love to watch sitcoms, Whose Line is it Anyway and or movies. 

8:00 we get ready for bed. Showers, check rooms and put dirty clothes in laundry. 

10:00 we made it to bed time. Whew! 


Don’t get me wrong, this is the ideal day. There are days when I forget and they take advantage of the fact that I’m working. But we do try to break up the monotonous of the day by doing chores, exercising and getting them to read. We are flexible and we have fun. I do exercise time with them because I need it as much as them. Thank goodness for schedules and for days out at the lake during these long days of summer.  We’d rather be at the lake every day and be kayaking or swimming. What do you guys do to stay sane during summer?


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