Fun things to do in Perdido Key, Florida

We love to go on vacation to Perdido Key. It’s such a sweet relaxing vacation where we can truly unplug and be a family. Here’s some of the fun things we do while we are there.



We Love to read on the beach while the waves roll in. 🙂



We love to dance and act silly on the beach.  



We love to cook plum cobbler from the plums in our back yard. Yummy!



We do not go to Perdido Key without visiting Joe Patti’s Seafood market in Pensacola. We get fresh seafood and make lots of yummy food! Like below! 



I made that! I’m super impressed with myself. Every time I get shrimp scampi at a big name lobster restaurant I get sick. I made it at home using only 3 tbs of butter and it was the best shrimp scampi I have eaten and I didn’t get sick. Yeah! This will be posted on the blog tomorrow so come back for my super simple shrimp scampi low fat recipe. 

And last but not least. You can: 



Relax and enjoy! We love our beach and time away unplugged from our electronics. We read, we play board games and we have fun as a family. That’s a vacation! 

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