Fun Mesh Wreath Tutorial

I’ve been seeing all these cute wreaths. I had no idea how to make them. I wanted to make them so badly. I went to my local craft store and bought some supplies. I wanted my new wreath to be shaped like a pendant (you know the triangle shapes that used to have high school or college football teams on them.)  My thinking was a July 4th type of flag. I’m not sure if it came out as intended because my family asked if it was supposed to look like  a fish. You’d think I then wouldn’t show it to you. But no I am so going to. lol Here’s the instructions for making the wreath. 

First I picked out a tripod like this at my local craft store. I think it was 1.99.


Then I began weaving my burlap ribbon through it. With each one I pulled it through and tied it off at the base. I’m forever trying to use what I have so I used a lot of bread ties on this one.

burlap ribbon tied off

Then I wove it through the entire tripod.

tripod wreath 0

Next I added the mesh ribbons. I got these on sale at half off at my local craft store. That made it more affordable.

mesh add ins wreath

And the final product. I added blue and white bows to it. I was going for a July 4th themed wreath. Laugh if you must but I tried. It would be a cute arrow pointing to my neighbors house? LOL So tell me what you would do differently? I’m thinking if nothing else this would be cute for winter as a tree in either green or white.

4th of July wreath

If you can’t quite wrap your mind around how this was made you can check out this tutorial video below. It explains it a bit better.


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