Fiber One Bars Streusel review #platefulcoop #ad

fiber one streusel review

I received these fiber one streusel bars, a cup and a gift card to facilitate the writing of this review. This did not affect the opinion of these yummy delicious goodness. This is my honest opinion.

Ok, so here’s the truth. We hardly buy prepurchased prepared snacks. When these came in I had to hurry and test them. Hurry, why? Because I have a tween and a teen boy. Food like this doesn’t last. These tasted so good. Their normal bars give me, um how do I say this? Gas, they give me gas. Not the good kind that fills your car either. These bars I wondered if it would be the same. It was not! I could have shouted from the rooftops. But didn’t because the boys would have come running. I actually hid the last box in my desk. Then ate the last one by myself. That was after my teen did this one too many times.

son eating all my fiber one streusel bars review


I think he really wants me to buy some more. They were so yummy. All my kids loved them. My poor hubby never had a chance to taste one. Poor guy. I don’t think I can choose between the blueberry and the strawberry. They were both tasty and good. They were also gone in like 3 days. I had to hide them so I could take pictures. lol Teens and tweens love to eat. Would I buy them again? Yes, if there was a great sale. I would buy them again. I think I loved them as much as the kids. 

 fiber one streusel review

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