5 water games for kids to play this summer


5 water games for kids to play this summer

5 water games for kids to play this summer

Water games are perfect to beat the summer heat, so take some time to get outdoors with your kids this summer and indulge in one of these fun games.

Ice cube treasures

Place small toys in water and in an ice tray. Freeze it and have kids take the ice cubes outside to melt and play with. After the ice-cube is melted completely, they will have new toys to play with in the yard or inside. 

Water balloon dodge ball

This is one of those 4th of July party games for kids that gets everyone in a competitive mood and helps to cool you off. All you have to do is divide the kids into two teams (one doing the throwing and one doing the dodging). After the dodging team has all been knocked out, and one person remains as the victor, have the teams swap positions and do it again!

Water gun tag

It’s like a regular game of tag, but the person that’s “It” will be squirting the other kids with a water gun. The last one not hit with a stream of water wins and gets to be “It” next. This is a game that could occupy kids and adults for at least an hour.

Balloon babies 

This is one of those games you will want to do outside, but it can last all day (depending on your child). This is really easy to do. Just fill up a water balloon and draw a face on it with a marker. Wrap the balloon baby in a towel and tell your child this is their new baby. See how long they can take care of it before it pops! For younger children, you will want to supervise them with the balloon. 

Backyard bath 

Do something fun and unexpected with your kids this summer and give them a bath outside. Simply fill a kiddie pool with water, bath toys, bubbles and your kids and let them have fun! You can dry them off with beach towels and leave the water to sit, making the bath time chore much more enjoyable for all.



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