4th of July ideas that will make your party a hit

4th of July ideas

4th of July ideas that will make your party a hit

This year, make your 4th of July a hit with a few new things that people won’t soon forget. Instead of just the same old BBQ, music, drinks, and fireworks, add in some unexpected elements that will make people happy they chose to come to your Independence Day party over all the other invites they surely received. 

Bubble Wrap Hop Scotch

We’ve all played hop scotch, of course- but have you played it on a bubble wrap course? Try it! Get some rolls of bubble wrap and cut it down to a hop scotch course. Tape it down to a sidewalk or driveway and have some others ready as a stand-by so that people can enjoy the popping bubble wrap.

Fourth of July Trivia

Trivia games are fun at just about any party, and 4th of July trivia is a perfect way to celebrate the day. You can divide up into teams and have one person moderate the game and ask the questions. Pull out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and have people put it in order, or just find some interesting 4th of July facts online and incorporate them into a series of questions for the game.

Firework pictures

Take some sparklers and have people spell out messages with them in the air. As they do this, have another person snap pictures rapidly. This will result in pictures with fun messages done in light that you can send home with your guests. 

Dessert Tasting

Have each guest bring a dessert divided into small portions so that each guest can participate in a dessert tasting contest. Provide a piece of paper with the name of each dessert listed, then have each guest score the dessert they taste and drop their paper into a basket. Have another person tally the score and present the winner.

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