10 things you can do today to ensure you have a successful relationship

10 things you can do to ensure a successful relationship

10 things you can do today to ensure you have a successful relationship

Having a successful relationship starts today and it starts with you. Do you know what to do to ensure that your relationship stays happy? Try these things today and see the difference for yourself!

1.) Talk to your spouse. It doesn’t have to be anything significant- just talk to them. That connection will make them remember why they fell in love with you.

2.) Say “I love you” with your actions. Does your spouse drink coffee in the morning? Get up five minutes early and make it for them. Little things show you care.

3.) Let go of the past. If you bring up old things that cause hurt or conflict, stop it right now.

4.) Compromise even when you don’t want to. Learn to compromise with your spouse and you will see a much happier relationship.

5.) Be positive. When life gets your or them down, help your spouse remember the good things you share in life.

6.) Argue nicely. Arguing is healthy for couples, but don’t hurl insults- keep it clean and stick to the facts of why you are arguing in the first place.

7.) Be flexible. If your partner hates doing the dishes, don’t assume that you have to do them all the time simply because of gender roles. If your partner is working late, take out the trash, even if that is normally their “chore.” Be flexible with your roles in the home.

8.) Stay intimate. Once you lose intimacy, you start to lose the relationship. Find time to be intimate with one another at least once a week to keep your relationship healthy.

9.) Discuss the finances and be honest about them. You need to have an open discussion about finances at least once a month to make sure you are still on the same page and heading in the right direction together.

10.) Give your partner space and time every day. Allow them to decompress and then seek you out for conversation. You should take that time to decompress, as well.


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