What type of dock is best for your boat?

The Different Types of Docks a Marina or Port Can Have

Local marinas and port regions are filled with ships and small boats that can take their owners across rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean. To fully institute these areas for commercial access, the managers of these marinas and ports, whether by a private firm, a municipality, or a state, must invest in the proper infrastructure. Without the proper investments, there will be no foundation for ships and boats to stay within the marinas or ports.

One of the most prominent form of infrastructure at these locations are docks. Docks are needed so the boats and ships can anchor and essentially “park” within the marina or bay. Typically, a rope is tied around a metal hook on the dock, keeping the boat attached to foundation of the dock.

Docks may come in two forms. One form is the T-head dock. A T-head dock is shaped like the letter T, with a long walkway going out toward the water attached perpendicular to another walkway. That walkway is usually built onto a foundation, such as the nearest part of the land. Beyond the land foundation, foundations to the dock are placed across the bottom of the walkway, usually as large wooden foundations attached to the underwater ground. People then can walk on the long walkway before turning onto the perpendicular line to reach their docked boats. These types of docks are rigid and they do not conform to the water depth. As a result, when there is flooding or a high tide, these decks tend to be submerged in water.

The second dock form are floating docks. A floating dock is actually an independent dock that is supported by pontoons. This allows it to float freely and rise and fall with the tide. Typically, a pole or anchor will be placed below the floating dock so the dock is attached to the ground under the seawater. However, unlike the fixed and rigid t-head dock design, the floating dock is able to work with the tide, allowing the dock to seldom be submerged.

Businesses or governments that operate marinas or ports need to have the proper infrastructure in place to allow consumer boats to freely travel. Building or purchasing ready-made decks from private firms will help provide an essential need at every port or marina in the country.

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