Tall Tails Dog Bed Review #talltailsadventure #giveaway 5/27 US

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 This post and giveaway is sponsored by Tall Tails Dog Beds and Niche Parent Network.

My dogs are my babies. My babies are a tad spoiled. My chocolate lab has to have his best buddy with him at all times. Their new bed is perfect for that. The Tall Tails dog bed is perfect for home, crate or car. It is the softest bed my dogs have had in a while. It’s made from luxurious fabric that actually pampers your pet. It’s a cotton poly blend. Which makes it easy to machine wash and dry. My dog bed is made for dogs up to 90 pounds and it is 42″ by 28″. It’s big enough for both of my dogs.  My 84lb chocolate lab and my 13lb malti zhu both hang out on the bed together. It’s so cute. 

I keep a bed in the kitchen and a different bed in the living room. My lab has hip dysplasia and has to have lots of support for his body. So he sleeps on a baby mattress in the living room. At night when I’m cooking dinner he lays in the kitchen on his tall tails bed. I feel better knowing he is not laying on the floor. That he has a bed to lay on while he’s hanging out with me making dinner makes me feel better about his disorder. It’s better if he’s off the floor and with us now having a bed in the kitchen he now has another place to lay while he makes sure I cook dinner correctly. 

My babies follow me around all day. I love that they are here keeping me company all day. I actually prefer to work at home with my dog babies around. Even though they drive me crazy with the in and out and in and out all day. They give me someone to talk to and fuss at while I work. It’s a win/win for them and for me.  What about your fur babies? Do they keep you company? Drive you crazy and yet love them so much regardless? Yeah, me too. My dogs are my co-workers at my home office. They love me unconditionally and I do them. Thanks for being my favorite fur babies and loving your new bed. 

Want to win a bed for your favorite four legged baby? Follow the rafflecopter and enter below! This giveaway is for our  US friends 18 and over.  Leave me a comment and tell me what your fur babies sleep on?


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36 Replies to “Tall Tails Dog Bed Review #talltailsadventure #giveaway 5/27 US”

  1. My dog sleeps on an old blanket now, he would love this. He is a German Shepard/Rottweiler mix named Bullet. He’s pretty big so he would need the 42″ by 28″ size . Thank you.

  2. we have 2 dogs, an old old doxie and a puppy who is a small mutt, we’d go with a larger size bed because they like to snuggle

  3. I have 3 dogs they are all small 2 chihuahuas and a chiweenie but they like to sleep together so I would need the XL bed

  4. I have a yorkie (small-med size) but my cats love to cuddle with her so I would probably want some type large I think… lol

  5. Layla and Roxi have a sheepskin blanket that they bunch in a ball to sleep in / on – LOL Or the bed and they both love to stretch out so I would say the Large would hold them both. Thanks for the chance!

  6. My molly is a 12 year old rat terrier and she is the best dog. She only weigh ten pounds so a small would be fine. thank you

  7. I have a Walker Coon hound and a chihuahua. They would probably fight over it so I would say a large.

  8. I would love to have the XL size bed for my yellow lab Marley and corgi/shephard mix Colby to share.


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