French Manicure Tips and Fun by my girl!

how to paint a french manicure with colors other than white

French Manicure Tips and Fun

My girl is all about beauty. She is interested in everything beauty. From hair, nails to fashion. I have been talking to her about how she needs to start her own vlog/blog and cover all things fashion and beauty. She would be a shoe in for a beauty blogger. 

How to give yourself a french manicure

I love the colors she used on her french manicure this week. She did a pale pink and painted the entire nail that color. Once that was dried she used the stickers to put on her nails and make a guide for her to paint the green. So you basically put it below where you want the polish to be and paint until and on top of the sticker. Then let it dry and remove the sticker. Perfect french manicure done at home for pennies. 

French Manicure with other colors besides white

She’s so creative when she’s doing her nails. She’s done snowmen, santas, snowflakes, etc. But her french manicures are my fave. I’ve seen that you can give yourself gel manicures at home that cure in the sun. I’ve never tried them though. I wonder if they work.

Do you paint your nails? Have you had a french manicure? Me neither! lol Just my girl and her beauty regimen. 

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  1. I would get them all the time when I was working but not any longer. My nails are a mess – too much soap making, too much goat.

  2. My little one is all girly too. its really cute. she loves getting her nails done and doing them at home.

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