Fed up with Sugar


fed up with sugar

Ugh, my weight is fluctuating the wrong direction again. I hate when that happens. I have got to get the sugar out of my life. I’ve seen all the shows saying it’s not how much fat you eat but the sugar. I’m a sugar addict. I hate it. I get up wanting a dr. pepper each and every day. That sets the tone for the rest of my day. I’m then wanting sugar after lunch, after dinner. I have a glass of wine after dinner and that sets the sugar craving off again. It’s so annoying. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to cut that dr. pepper out and hopefully down. Drink more water and eat string cheese or nuts every time I crave sugar. Then we’ll see how or if I lose weight. I am not comfortable in my clothes and it’s driving me crazy. I need a lifestyle that will get the weight off and keep me off sugar. 

I’m working out 3-4 days per week with my friends. We have a great time.  We walk 3.2 miles on average and do weights while we are walking. It’s fun and we get to be coworkers because most of us actually work from home. I need my friends. I need my workout time. Now let’s get off sugar and do better with my diet! How are you feeling in your clothes these days? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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  1. I go up and down and then it takes a while for me to get motivated to lose again. I need to do a little work on that now.

  2. My clothes are not happy with me. I’ve committed to running/walking/doing the elliptical for one mile each day this month, just to see if I can see a change before I truly tackle my diet.

  3. Good luck! Sugar is so hard to abstain from. My weight has been fluctuating in a super funky manner lately – within 3 pounds either way each WEEK! I’ve found that eating baby carrots, cheddar cheese, and Glutino Sea Salt crackers can be very filling, and satisfies my cravings. I hope you find something that works for you too!

  4. Sadly your post makes me want to roll around in a bowl of sugar!! I hate my weight issue too…sucks!

  5. I’m working on doing better. Breastfeeding gives me the excuse I need to keep eating sugar!

  6. Good for you! The beginning is the hardest, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll get addicted! Portion control and exercise! 🙂

  7. I go through sugar binges. I really need to get consistent. Want to shed those few pounds left.

  8. Sugar is definitely a tough one to quit. I’m actually the smallest I’ve been since I got married- I thank breastfeeding for that.

  9. My weakness is the late night snack. It just kills the diet. Lately I’ve been warding that off with air popped popcorn.

  10. I’d love to follow suite and rid my life of sugar. It’s so hard to do. I should take your lead and do it.

  11. I’m right there with you — ugh! I am feeling awful in my clothes and I really need to get back into a fitness routine of some sort. It’s so hard to get started but I know i’ll LOVE it once I do!

  12. I definitely, DEFINITELY understand where you’re coming from! I have a horrible sugar addiction and I’ve been battling to keep things under control. Lately it’s REALLY bad and I just need to cut the extra processed sugars out completely. My clothing has been fitting a lot tighter, too, and I say enough is enough!

  13. UGH….I’m definitely NOT where I want to be. 2 little ones zap my energy by nighttime…and nothing left for exercise.

  14. I have not been doing so well the past couple weeks. There is SO much to do, and drama on top of that, that I haven’t made exercise a priority. Need to get back on it for sure!

  15. I have never really had a sweet tooth and thankfully my weight stays pretty consistent. I try to make healthy eating a lifestyle

  16. I definitely need to get better about sugar. And exercising. Kudos to you. I hope to get started with walking regularly this summer.

  17. I just started going to a gym and working out. I found the best motivation for me is to see how much it takes to burn a calorie and then I don’t want to eat any!

  18. Ugh it’s not fitting to well.. I have issues for making time for myself. My husband is leaving soon so I’m going to try and get my shiz together.. We can do it!

  19. Whoo. A doctor once told me that white sugar is a modern poison. I kind of believe him because when I search the Internet, I found out that there are a lot of diseases that white sugar can cause. The sad part is that a lot of food and beverages today are filled with white sugar. To make things worse, it can really make you fat.

  20. When I kicked sugar, I lost weight instantly. I, of course, couldn’t resist the craving. I need to get back on it!

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