How to dump that gym membership and stay in shape!

how to dump your gym membership and stay in shape

Have you ever wondered if you can dump that expensive gym membership and still stay in shape?

I have wondered that too. This is what my walking buddies and I are talking about this week. We love to work out but as soon as it’s nice enough we want to be outside getting our work outs in. We love to be breathing in the fresh air and working out appreciating our surroundings. My gym membership to me is expensive. I’m not sure it’s worth it when we only use it about 5 months out of the year. Here’s some things we thought of to do instead. 

1. Walk at your local park and get your exercise in. We have some great parks in our area and that’s a great way to get the ups and downs of hills and terrain in as well. 

2. Pinterest has exercise challenges all the time that do not take a lot of time or money. They usually just require your body and give you somethings to do for a month. This month I’m doing this 30 Day Beach Body Challenge.  In addition to our walking about 9 miles a week we add a challenge in to get our other muscles worked out. 

3. Work out with a buddy! Grab a friend and do your old dvd’s or dvr some workout shows that are on. Even if they appear old to you they are still valuable when working out your body. 

4. Check out these online videos I found and posted earlier on my blog. They’re free online workout videos for you. 

5. If your children play on xbox, wii or even PS they have excellent video games that you can do. I have a wii Zumba and an Xbox Just Dance and we love them both. You can see them here: 
Just Dance 4 – Playstation 3
Zumba Fitness Rush – Xbox 360
 Now just make sure you get the right one for your gaming device. 

6. Summer time is great for swimming. When you take the kids to the lake or the pool make sure you join them and swim. Swimming is a great all over body workout and so good for you. 

7. Now is a great time for finding exercise equipment at yard sales. Let someone else take the hit on price and get yourself some good fitness pieces. My favorites are my elliptical and my treadmill for rainy days. 

8. Bike if you have them use them. Make it a job that once a week you are to bike to the library or store or somewhere you’d normally drive too. Bike there and get your exercise in while you are doing an errand. 

If it’s rainy just do those online workout videos I posted earlier or do your dvd’s and fitness games. The bottom line is you can work out and not pay the big prices of the gyms. Working out requires really just your body and some good shoes. The rest is optional. Make your workout fit your lifestyle and monthly income.

Have you dumped your gym membership in favor of working out with friends?

How did it go? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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dump your gym membership and stay in shape


41 Replies to “How to dump that gym membership and stay in shape!”

  1. My sister and I have been doing Beachbody workouts. We are starting a TurboFire challenge group because it is on sale this month and it is so much fun. It combines cardio, hiit training and kickboxing. I’m really pumped about it. We work out at home or with friends and keep each other motivated via a Facebook group! Nice to see others on the fitness journey. Have fun!!

  2. I dumped my gym membership a long time ago when I paid but never went. WHEN I work out it is at home but then again… some people need that ‘get out of the house’ and be around other people that are working out.

  3. I love your tips! Getting the motivation to do them is my goal right now. I’m hoping to get my teen daughter interested in being active together this summer!

  4. I cringe whenever anyone says they have a gym membership. The idea of signing a contract is no good! I think walking to the park and having your own home gym are much better ideas!

  5. Great tips! It has always been impossible for me to get a sitter in order to go to the gym! At home work outs are great- especially if it involves going to the pool!

  6. I’ve not had a gym membership in some time (many years.) We have tried Groupons for a couple of gyms, to see if we could work it into our lifestyle, and no luck. I do, however, have access to a fitness center with my still-fairly-new job, and I use it several days during my lunch hour. Otherwise, I run a lot outside or do workout videos at home.

  7. I have been trying a lot of new arm exercises that I found on YouTube. Trying to get in shape to wear my wedding dress by September and there are certain areas I want to work. So I just googled it. 🙂

  8. I hate going to the gym but I’m also awful at exercising on my own. I wish I could walk with my friends but we are all so busy with our kids.

  9. there is so much you can do without having to go to the gym. I go for a run all the time

  10. As soon as our first baby was born I had to get rid of my membership. I’ve been able to maintain and it has been great!

  11. I totally cringe whenever somonw tells me they have a gym membership. When I looked into getting one after my first born the prices were so high and then daycare/babysitting on top of that – forget about it. I like doing 12 week programs. it keeps me motivated.

  12. These are all great ways to stay in shape. However, I find that I am more motivated to work out when I have paid for it lol.

  13. Xbox One’s fitness channel has been amazing! I stopped going to the gym and have just been doing that.

  14. Great ideas! I belong to a gym that I love but my babies HATE the daycare so I’ve stopped going. I need to do something at home.

  15. i had a gym membership. $10 a month. seemed great. took me four months to get them to let me cancel it. :/

  16. I’ve never been a gym membership kind of person actually. I do love your ideas though. We have a really nice walking track which is both outside and in shade through a lovely little forest. It’s one of my favorite places to exercise.

  17. I love my gym, but it can get old. These are some great tips! I like mixing it up, so thank you.

  18. Not for friends. I’ve dumped for kids…but that really hasn’t motivated me to get moving! I so need to

  19. During the summer months, we suspend our membership at the Y then use the great weather to run, walk or bike. We’ll often walk as a family around the neighborhood after dinner. Great exercise AND bonding time.

  20. I unfortunately can’t afford a gym membership so I have to find alternative ways to get exercise in but honestly, that’s not a bad thing. It saves me money AND lets me be creative 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to start up yoga again and hope I can do some yoga at a local park that’s just a short walk away from me!

  21. Yeah….I used to have a gym membership but then I quit because winter hit and I just couldn’t get there in the snow and ice. We JUST bought a treadmill and I decided I’d just work out from home. I love your other tips!! A workout buddy is key for me too.

  22. Great post! I would miss my gym’s group classes though. I love Zumba and knowing that I have my Zumba friends helps keep me accountable..

  23. What great ideas. This would be great for people who do not have one near by. Zumba is an app, too so that can be done at home. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Terrific tips. I want to start riding my bike but can’t remember the combination to the lock so we’re going to have to break that.

  25. Love your suggestions! I dumped my gym membership years ago. I did, however, invest in an elliptical and treadmill which I totally love and use so much more than I ever did at the gym. It really is all about accessibility and ease. Having them at home makes it easier for me to workout anytime which is perfect for me.

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