5 ways to the perfect Mother’s Day afternoon without breaking the bank.

 5 ways to the perfect Mother’s Day afternoon without breaking the bankhappy mothers day


It’s almost Mother’s Day and that means that all you guys need to step up and have a wonderful day planned for your wife, sister, friend or mom. It always seems to involve cash though. Let’s see if we can have a fun afternoon pampering mom without spending a lot of money. 

And now the 5 ways to the perfect Mother’s Day afternoon without breaking the bank

1. Let your mom or wife know ahead of time that you are wanting to do her honey do list. Then come over the day of and fix all the things she’s been putting off having done. What a sweet way to let her know how much she means to you and it doesn’t cost you a dime. 

2. Help mom plant, till or work in her garden. Go out and get the tilling done or mow her yard even. Then you can hoe the rows and plant her favorite vegetables. I know as a mom I’d love for this to poof be done for me! 

3. Plan a picnic lunch and take mom to the park and enjoy it with her. Feed the ducks, walk the greenway and just spend time with her. She will be thrilled even if it’s peanut butter and jelly in that basket. The point is we want to spend time with our kids, spouses and the people that matter. 

4. Rent a redbox movie or netflix, pop some popcorn and grab her favorite drink.  Don’t forget her favorite chocolate. Then just hang out and watch her favorite movie with her. Maybe when it’s all over she’ll want to watch yours. But if not it is Mother’s Day after all. You can watch one more movie with her, right? Right? Right! 

5.  Cook her favorite meal and make her favorite dessert. Putting in a little effort to make her day special is more important then spending lots of money. 

Put in the effort to make her day special and she will be so happy you did. She will notice and appreciate the effort as much as if you spent money on her. As moms we’re not all about the cash. We are all about spending time with us. We just want to spend time with our kids and our spouses. As we get older the less we “need” anything anyway! So put in a little effort and time and let it pay off with a happy mom! 

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