5 Ways to Honor Veterans this Memorial Day

5 Ways to Honor Veterans this Memorial Day


5 ways to honor veterans this Memorial Day

Did you know that May is Military Appreciation Month? Memorial Day is just a few days away, and the rest of the month is wide open to honoring our veterans. If you want to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country our freedoms, start with some of these ideas. 

Attend a parade

Attend one of the numerous parades that will be happening Monday in honor of our veterans- and take your kids! They need to know early on what this day is about and why we take time to celebrate it. While you’re out, if you know of an organization that does great things for our veterans, spread the word. Pass out fliers, talk to people in the crowd, and generate interest with signs and other paraphernalia to let people know how they can support our troops. 


If you have local places that serve out veterans, volunteer and help out those that need the help. Bring people to nursing homes where retired veterans may not be as noticed or appreciated, or attend VA hospitals to bring some cheer to those that are feeling unappreciated for their service. 

Tell about the soldiers in your community

Contact the local newspaper and start telling the stories of those people that others have forgotten. Highlight their stories all this month for people to remember these brave men and women as they should be remembered. You can post the stories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to generate interest outside of your hometown. 

Host a party

Get people together and host a party for your local veterans. It can be something last minute or even something that you do another day of the weekend. Remember- the whole month of May is Military Appreciation Month and you have lots of time to still plan a shin-dig for retired and current soldiers. At the party, hold a vigil for those that didn’t make it home.

Take donations 

Take up donations to help renovate the VA hospital, or to erect a monument in honor of the veterans and their families. While the actual work won’t be completed right away, you can start the effort this month to show local heroes that you care about their legacy and what they did for the country.


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