5 unique graduation gifts your graduate will use and love


5 unique graduation gifts your graduate will use and love

You want to make sure the graduate in your life gets a gift they will find not only useful, but one they actually like. Money can be impersonal, and dorm room things can be overdone. What do you do, then, to get your graduate a gift like no other? Try one of these.

Treasured Heirlooms

There’s nothing like a family heirloom entrusted to your new graduate to let them know you are proud of them and you respect that they have grown into a trustworthy young man or woman. An old record, a piece of jewelry, grandma’s fine china, or any other piece that has been in the family for years will offer them something no one else is getting.

Personalized jewelry

Hand-stamped pieces are huge this year. Order your graduate a piece in a style they will love and have their name and a sweet, endearing message stamped onto it. This will be sentimental to them as they go about their days out of high school and away from their comfort zones.

Memory books

Get your child an expensive journal or memory book and ask that as they go forward in life, they take the time to write at least one paragraph a week. It will help them to grow and be more reflective on who they are, where they are heading, and how they change. 


You can never go wrong with proper luggage. Make sure it includes smaller bags and travel kits to encourage your graduate to get out and enjoy this time of their lives. I received luggage and love it to this day. We take it on every vacation and I always think of who gave it to me. 

A cell phone with everything

You will miss them. They will miss you. Help them keep in touch by buying them a cell phone with all the accessories, cool apps to help in college, and a few months of free talk that you already paid in advance. What could be cooler for an on-the-go college student?

Graduating students are ready to begin embarking on their next journey. It helps for them to have what they need as they get started. Using these 5 Unique Graduation Gifts that your Graduate will use and love is just one way to give them a boost on their way to their next adventure. 

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  1. This list sure is filled with unique yet useful gifts that any graduate would love 🙂 I especially like the luggage, I’ve never thought about that! Keep on bringing awesome content to the blog-o-sphere!!

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