15 outside activities to do when kids are bored


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15 outside activities every kid should do before summer’s over

What do you do when your kids say they’re bored? 

Making summer memories with your kids can be as easy as getting them outside and doing something fun. Do you remember the things you did as a kid? Too often those things get overlooked for iPads, tablets, DVDs, music players and indoor activities. Don’t allow your children to become robots or couch potatoes this summer! Try these great ideas before summer is over.

1.) Make lawn art on a large sheet. Take your kids out t the yard, spread out a sheet, and let them paint it any way they want. If they get dirty, spray them off with a water hose!

2.) Have a “read off.” Take your kids out in the fresh air, sit them in the shade, provide them with snacks and drinks, and tell them to read at least three books while you’re outside. If they are older kids, designate a number of chapters to read.

3.) Make homemade ice cream. Many online sites have recipes to make homemade ice cream in dozens of ways. Choose one you like and get to making memories and ice cream with your kids. 

4.) Play yard games. Tag, Duck, Duck, Goose, Red Rover, and more are all classics that kids can still enjoy today. 

5.) Play with sidewalk chalk and let loose. 

6.) Create an obstacle course and have kids complete it. 

7.) Ask kids to dress up and put on a teddy bear parade. They can make clothes for their bears with construction paper and art supplies then parade them around the yard or the neighborhood. 

8.) Have a feast in the backyard. It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but make it big and elaborate- a picnic worth remembering. 

9.) Have a water balloon war.

10.) Help your kids set up a lemonade stand. 

11.) Create a backyard car wash and have your kids wash their toys as you wash your car.

12.) Watch an outdoor movie. Create the whole movie theater set up with chairs, popcorn, fountain drinks, and all. Do it at night for a better movie theater environment. 

13.) Plant a garden. Whether it is food, flowers, or even rocks, get kids outside and in the dirt to learn about making gardens. As you make your garden, tell them about all that you’re doing and why. 

14.) Create and go on a backyard scavenger hunt. For older kids, make it a neighborhood hunt. 

15.) Catch fireflies. Place them in a mason jar and watch them glow, then release them back into nature.


32 Replies to “15 outside activities to do when kids are bored”

  1. I love the ideas- I really like the yard art and the washing of toys car wash. I cannot wait to do these with my kids.

  2. Informative List…need to pass this to my sister for my nephew because school is out and he needs stuff to do!

  3. Water balloon fights are the best! I also love yard games. We used to play them every single day when I was a kid.

  4. Great ideas! We are just into summer about a week and I am already battling the kiddo boredom! Sidewalk chalk followed by kiddie pool time is one of our boredom busters.

  5. I just bought a box of 48 chalk colors. (SO many colors!) My son loves them. We’re also big on bubbles in our yard. 🙂

  6. these are all great ideas. My kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained. Yay me!

  7. Fun list of things to do…we are a big board game family. A good board game seems to break all boredom in our house.

  8. Great ideas. Some of these are timeless! I’ve never let my kids create yard art but even at 11 and 9, they would love that!

  9. Water balloon wars…oh it is on! We had one recently. My husband did not know what the kids were doing and happened to walk outside. They were ready with an ambush. He was a good sport and fun ensued.

  10. I need to get an ice cream maker! Makign home made ice cream would be so much fun for the boys!

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