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So I have this weird dream. It’s a dream my poor hubby does not share. I want chickens. I live in the city. I still want chickens. I want to give them my food scraps and use their fresh eggs to feed my family. I’ve never considered myself a homesteader but I’m much more homesteader then normal neighborhood mom. I love to grow my own food. I love when my hubby hunts and gets us deer, fish and turkey. It makes me feel like I can feed my family should some tragedy befall us on this Earth. These are all important skills that most don’t have and we need to know. 

It’s important to know where your food comes from. It’s more important to get your food from farmers markets then from Walmart. Your farmer will then get to pay their bills while Walmart won’t even know you stopped shopping there.  Better yet start your own small backyard garden. It is so fulfilling to grow your own food.  Which brings me back to chickens. So how do I get my hubby on board? I am busy looking at how to make pens for my chickens. That’s what I’ve spent my morning doing. I know they should run free but I have two dogs that need the backyard a few times a day too. I also have a cat and do not feel the need to have my chickens harmed.   We always plant a nice garden too. Don’t want my chickens getting into my garden and eating our food. I’m thinking I’m just going to keep doing research. Make my own pen and make my hubby like it when I go buy chickens. If I build it and take care of it then it shouldn’t matter right? Never stand between a woman and her chickens!

Here’s some of the things I’ve found about homesteading and building chicken coops when searching online.



This was on instructables and has a great chicken coop.  Then there was this one diy chicken coop on a homesteading board. 

Do you garden? Have you ever thought of being a back yard farmer? Leave me a comment and tell me!

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  1. I don’t have a green thumb so I don’t garden. Plus I live in a apartment so I’m unable to plant anything. But I could get a pot and plant some flowers! 🙂

  2. I don’t want anything to do with farming, but the idea of having chickens is so alluring. I don’t know if it’s the fresh eggs or what?

  3. I have grown some cherry tomatoes in a hanging pot. I have no interest in being a backyard farmer.

  4. I love the idea of being a backyard farmer. Why not? Most people spend a ton of money to buy organic food when you could just do it on your own!

  5. I grow tomatoes in Las Vegas which can be quite a challenge. I never use any chemicals to keep the pests away. I would love to have chickens but it is against our HOA rules. Unfortunately, any neighborhood built since 2003 must have an HOA in Las Vegas. My parents have had a huge garden since 1975. I spent many hours in the garden from Spring to Autumn every year until I left home in 1990. My Dad hunted & fished, my brother & I grew up hunting with my Dad, spending numerous hours fishing in TN. I used to target practice with my brother using a rifle. My dream would be to move to Alaska. I want to live in a home with electric & running water, but I would love my meat & fish being fresh, because I went out & caught it. Of course, I would have a huge garden as well.

    1. Ugh Our neighborhood is older. They tried to start an HOA and everyone was like…as if! lol I think chickens are allowed in city limits. It is so great you had all those experiences with your dad and brother Renee. I love to look of Alaska but do not think I could ever live there. 🙂 I’ve thought of us building a cob house though.

  6. We live in a rural area, and a lot of my family has horses, chickens, goats, and other animals. I’m not that interested in raising animals of my own, but it’s nice to get fresh goods from them!

  7. I am very much in two minds about this kind of stuff. I love the idea of a bustling city life with a family but I also love the idea of growing my own food and even chickens would be cool too!

  8. Unfortunately, I don’t garden at all but it’s still a great idea to grow your own food but I wish I wasn’t as busy!

  9. We live in a farming community, and I love the idea of supporting local. We get to do that in the warmer weather, but come winter we rely on the grocery stores more. Wonder what we can do to change that up a bit.

  10. I wish I lived further out in the country and had more land. I would totally have chickens and goats!

  11. I think that having your own small bit of country or farm atmosphere in the city is fantastic. I grew up in the country and there was nothing but dairy farms for miles. I now live in the second largest city in the country and sometimes I just shake my head and ask how I got here?

  12. My grandma had a farm when I was little. I used to love collecting the eggs from the chicken coop. Sadly it got too much for her when her husband died and she sold it, but those were some of the best childhood memories I had running around on the farm!

  13. My husband so wants chickens, and goats, and all animals! I say no way! But I do agree with the fact that you should know where your families food comes from. I just don;t want to take care of them!

  14. Some people have been fighting to get our city to allow backyard chickens. I am not participating in the fight but if it goes through I’m definitely getting some!

    1. I think this is the way the world is going. I foresee our yards looking a lot more edible in the future. Instead of pretty plants we’ll have edible ones.

  15. I really want to have a backyard garden. I love freshly picked veggies. We do go to the farmer’s market more than Walmart for our fruits and veggies.

    1. I know that feeling! When they tried to implement an HOA about 5 years after we bought we were like AS IF!!

  16. My son asked me a couple of weeks ago…randomly….if he could have a chicken. We ere just driving down the road, talking about his lacrosse game, and he just asked. I think he is a farmer at heart.

  17. We will becoming semi homesteaders in just a few months! I so can’t wait. We are moving to a more rural area and will be helping my sister run her mini farm. Fresh veggies, fresh pig and goat, chicken and eggs. I’m just a little excited. LOL

  18. We live in an area where more people do than don’t. I have plenty of friends that have chickens.

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